Transforming America: Fellowship of Christian Athletes Puts Faith Into Action

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James Lasher

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Satan knew that if he could influence America’s youth, he could transform the country into something barely resembling the God-fearing nation it started out as.

He knew that if children grew up separated from God, they would be easier to teach the ways of the world and view biblical principles as outdated and irrelevant.

Groups like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes have made it their mission to stem the tide of secularism deceiving the youth today.

FCA, celebrating their 68 years of ministry to young athletes, reports that they will have handed out nearly 200,000 Bibles in 2022.

Each year, FCA has a theme and 2022’s was “Every.” The Scripture used in conjunction with the theme is Ephesians 1:3 saying: “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.”

Teaching young people in America to be grateful is a necessity in a ‘me-focused’ society. But FCA goes a step further and teaches them to be grateful to the source of their blessings as well, Jesus Christ.

As FCA continues to make an impact in the sporting world, one of the most popular venues in American society, they provide a clarion call for Christians in every aspect of American society to do the same.

While some Christians shy away from getting involved in areas such as politics, FCA shows that to make a difference in the world, Christians must take part in the world.

Athletes have incredible influence in the world today. Most recently the World Cup was viewed by over a billion people across the planet, and sports in America are no different.

The Super Bowl, NBA Finals, World Series and Stanley Cup all pull in hundreds of millions of views across the world. What could be more impactful than an athlete who was discipled by FCA to acknowledge and thank Jesus for all good things holding up those trophies? Media will always ask for a comment and what is more appropriate than giving thanks to Jesus Christ in front of those millions?

The cultural impact is not limited to sports either, and more Christians need to get involved across the world.

Christian actors are trying to make biblical content, and with the success of media like “The Passion of the Christ” and “The Chosen,” there is a need for Christian producers, directors, writers, actors and marketers to bring biblical stories to the world.

Perhaps the most important area that Christians are needed in is the political arena.

The world is seeing what happens when politicians who are not just secular but anti-God can do. Freedoms such as religion, speech and press are restricted. Laws that celebrate the murder of babies and mutilation of children are passed. Marriage is desecrated and the State becomes the replacement for God.

There must be action on the part of the Christians across the world, in obedience to James 2:14-26. Faith must be put into action to have an impact. Whether that action is at the voting booth, running for office or volunteering for candidates that stand for Godly, biblical values, work is needed to bring God back into the fold in American politics.

As Christian political strategist Terri Hasdorff explains in her book, “Running Into the Fire,” Christians not only can, but are needed to make a godly impact in the halls of Congress. Hasdorff explains in detail how an average, ordinary citizen can impact their community and country for the Lord. It can be a difficult and trying process, but nothing is impossible for God.

When the message of the gospel is sent out across the land, hearts will hear it and lives will change. If no one is acting to spread the message outside of a church building on Sunday morning, what chance do those who do not know Jesus Christ have?

With more organizations like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes taking the Word to the world, repentance can occur within the hearts of citizens across the country. With a repentant, receptive heart for the Lord, the revival that Christians have been praying and hoping for so long can sweep across the nation bringing God’s glory front and center.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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