Trail Life USA: A Solution to the Crisis Facing Today’s Boys

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The Boy Scouts of America have officially rebranded as “Scouting America,” marking a significant shift as the organization continues its efforts to be more inclusive. This change coincides with the fifth anniversary of welcoming girls into the Cub Scouting and Scouts BSA programs. “Our number one job is to get kids in this program, one that every kid in America would benefit from,” said President and CEO Roger Krone.

For Trail Life USA CEO Mark Hancock, the name change underscores a deeper ideological split between traditional values and modern progressivism. Hancock expressed concern over the rebranding, emphasizing the importance of recognizing the distinct needs of boys and girls.

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“We are saddened by the Scouts’ continued challenge to the truth that boys and girls are different and deserve different programs,” Hancock stated. “Trail Life USA remains committed to recognizing the unique design of boys through our proven process that is growing them into godly men. Organizations like the Boy Scouts that previously upheld the uniqueness and wonder of boyhood have abandoned the male-centric environment that for centuries was the key to awakening the hearts of boys and men as, together, they experienced adventure, nurtured faith and grew to become the men God called them to be.”

Trail Life USA, a Christ-centered, boy-focused scouting organization, stands as a counterpoint to cultural trends that seek to blur gender distinctions. The organization draws inspiration from the vision of Scouting founder Robert Baden-Powell, who articulated, “Scouting is a game for boys under the leadership of boys under the direction of a man.”

Hancock further elaborated, “The reality is that males and females are fundamentally different in many ways: physically, emotionally and in their relationships. Pretending otherwise in the name of progress or permissiveness might be culturally acceptable, but it does both sexes a disservice. Boys and girls deserve unique programs created with their specific needs in mind.”

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He continued, “Trail Life isn’t just a Christian alternative to the Boy Scouts; it’s an answer to the deep crisis affecting boys in America. While the Boy Scouts abandon their traditional boy-centered roots, we are dedicated to providing boys and their families a space that is geared toward boys. It may make financial sense for them to allow girls to join the ranks. But how is this beneficial for boys in a time when so many statistics point to boys losing ground?”

Trail Life’s commitment to its mission is evident in its rapid growth. In less than a decade, the organization has established over 1,000 troops and surpassed 50,000 members as of September 2023. This growth highlights a strong response to Trail Life’s message and mission.

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