Top of the Week: IHOPKC Announces Permanent Separation From Mike Bickle

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IHOPKC Announces Permanent Separation From Mike Bickle

On the evening of Friday, Dec. 22, IHOPKC spokesman Eric Volz, managing director of The David House Agency, announced that the 24/7 prayer and worship ministry is “formally and permanently” separating from Mike Bickle.

In addition to Bickle’s complete removal from the organization in light of “new information,” IHOPKC Executive Director Stuart Greaves has resigned and stepped down from his role on the ministry’s board of directors.

“Since taking over management of the crisis, the executive committee has received new information to now confirm a level of inappropriate behavior on the part of Mike Bickle that requires IHOPKC to immediately, formally and permanently separate from him,” explains Volz. He adds that General Kurt Fuller, “who took over management of this crisis,” will be temporarily assuming the role of executive director as the investigation into alleged abuses continues.

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TD Jakes Denies Recent Sex-Based Allegations

Recent allegations against Bishop T.D. Jakes, the popular televangelist and leader of The Potter’s House megachurch in Dallas, Texas, have caused a stir in the Christian community.

An unverified report has accused Jakes of being a frequent participant at sex parties hosted by music mogul Sean Combs, known as Diddy. However, a representative for Jakes has dismissed the claims as “unequivocally false and baseless.”

As reported by The Christian Post, “Recent claims circulating on pockets of social media about Bishop T.D. Jakes are unequivocally false and baseless,” Jordan A. Hora, executive director of public relations and communications for the T.D. Jakes Group, T.D. Jakes Ministries and The Potter’s House, told The Christian Post in an exclusive statement Thursday.

Update: TD Jakes Denies Recent Allegations, Talks About the Power of Repentance in Christmas Eve Service

Recently Bishop T.D. Jakes denied allegations that he had been a participant of sex parties hosted by music mogul Sean Combs, also known as Diddy. Jakes’ representative said the claims were “unequivocally false and baseless.”

According to the Christian Post, Jakes shared with his congregation during The Potter’s House Christmas Eve Service that no reason exists for anyone to worry about these allegations. The video has since been set private.

“Would y’all please do me a favor and stop worrying about me and give God some praise and honor and glory?” Jakes said during the service.

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How to ‘Number Your Days’ as You Enter a New Year

At the end of every year, I set aside time to reflect and evaluate. I look at photos from the past year, savor the good memories, grieve for the sad moments and celebrate the victories. I also carefully consider any mistakes I made and how I can grow spiritually in the coming year.

I see this principle of self-evaluation in Psalm 119:59: “I consider my ways, and I turn my feet to Your testimonies.” Lamentations 3:40 adds: “Let us search and try our ways, and return to the Lord!” And the apostle Paul told the Corinthians: “Examine yourselves, seeing whether you are in the faith; test yourselves” (2 Cor. 13:5a).

We usually avoid looking inward because it can be painful. British pastor Charles Spurgeon told his congregation in the 1800s: “Most people have seen themselves in a looking-glass, but there is another looking-glass, which gives true reflections, into which few men look. To study oneself in the light of God’s Word, and carefully go over one’s condition … would be a very healthy exercise.”

Worldwide Terror: Over 160 Christians Slaughtered During Christmas Celebrations

In a horrific turn of events, Nigerian Christians were targeted by terrorists during their Christmas celebrations, resulting in the deaths of over 160 innocent people. The coordinated attacks, which took place on Saturday night (Dec. 23) through Monday (Dec. 25), targeted predominantly Christian areas in Plateau state, Nigeria.

The assailants, believed to be a mix of criminal elements including ethnic Fulani herders and mercenaries from Chad or Niger, carried out the attacks in several villages such as NTV, Maiyanga, Ruku, Hurum, Darwat and Dares. The victims, mostly women, children and the elderly, were preparing for Christmas programs when the terrorists struck.

Local officials confirmed the attacks and stated that at least 160 people were slain. The attacks were described as “well-coordinated” and “unacceptable” by Plateau Gov. Caleb Mutfwang. The governor vowed to strengthen security agencies to tackle the insecurity in the state.

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