The Miracle of Yadkin County

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In this stirring episode, Dr. Ray Self interviews Pastor Keith Pavansky about how his county became a sanctuary for the unborn. First Dr. Ray discusses this fantastic story with the man who was the driving force for his county to be a place where unborn children are safe from abortion. Then Pastor Keith shares the extraordinary story of how multiple counties in North Carolina have declared themselves a sanctuary for unborn children.

On a personal note, I have always struggled with the term “pro-choice.” What does that mean? The expression implies that the mother should have the right to choose whether to kill her unborn child or let her unborn child live. However, the choice to kill a child or allow a child to live is not a choice anyone should have. I know that is blunt but it is a sad truth.

Pastor Keith is just an ordinary man who was armed and dangerous with the proper tools to perform and instigate this miracle from God. I love talking to him about his passion for protecting the unborn and providing hope and healing for women who have been through the pain of abortion. He refers to an organization called Personhood Alliance,, as a place to obtain the resources you will need to make your community a haven for unborn children.

This movement also provides resources to help young mothers through their pregnancies. The answer is not aggressive protest; the answer is to pray for the unborn. Pray for the mothers. Pray for the fathers and pray for the doctors performing the abortions and the workers at the abortion clinics that God will open their eyes.

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