The Bridge Between Politics and Discipleship

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My journey into the realm of politics began as a young mother shuttling my boys to and from their Christian school every day. Having returned from the mission field and forgoing my initial plan to join Youth with a Mission, I found myself unexpectedly engaged to my best friend, Tim. In those early days of our marriage, Tim ran a pest control company, and I joined him in managing the business, determined to support him and avoid the Dallas traffic while anticipating the possibility of starting a family.

Between 1996 and 2001, Tim and I successfully expanded our Bluebonnet Pest Control business to nine trucks and 15 employees. Balancing business growth with the joys of raising our energetic boys, we eventually decided to sell, feeling the strain of continually doubling our enterprise year after year. Following a period of recovery, during which we indulged in a five-week skiing adventure across Colorado, we found ourselves contemplating our next venture—the restaurant business.

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Embarking on the ownership of two small, semi-fast-food establishments called Roly Poly, Tim and I navigated the challenges of a new industry. Managing one of the restaurants in the affluent Preston Center of Dallas, I juggled my responsibilities with parenting, shuttling the kids to and from school. It was during this time that I stumbled upon talk radio and discovered Laura Ingraham, whose intelligence and background intrigued me. Listening to her broadcasts on my daily commute, I became increasingly aware of the issues facing America.

Inspired by biblical teachings on the impact of individual lives on a nation, I began to question the traditional confines of ministry within church walls. Ephesians 4:11-12 and Matthew 5:13-16 prompted a paradigm shift within me, making me realize that ministry extended beyond the church, calling believers to be salt and light in the world. Politics, I concluded, was not inherently evil but a necessary avenue for certain people to influence government decisions.

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As I delved deeper into political awareness, I recognized the importance of the church’s voice in matters such as marriage, the sanctity of life and fiscal responsibility. I learned how Christians are called to be ambassadors for Christ, tasked with bringing reconciliation and righteousness to the world.

Acknowledging the godly struggle inherent in politics, I saw the need for the church to speak out against societal injustices. However, I believe political engagement should not overshadow our primary duty—sharing the transformative story of Jesus. We are called to make disciples.

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As I reflected on the early disciples, I noted their weaknesses and the empowering presence of Jesus through the Holy Spirit that enabled them to spread the message of His resurrection. Today, as believers engage in politics, we must recognize our dependence on God’s wisdom and strength. Our efforts in government must be driven by a desire for discipleship, understanding that changing the world starts with transforming individual lives.

Politics alone will not save America. Our nation’s strength lies in the discipleship of its people, and as believers, we are called to engage in all aspects of society— from local chambers to the nation’s capital—to bring about positive change, one life at a time and one heart at a time.

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