The Babylon Bee’s Guide to Gender: Using Humor to Navigate a Secular World

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James Lasher

In a world filled with contentious debates over gender identity and the clash between Christian values and secular ideologies, two humorists from The Babylon Bee are taking a unique approach to address these complex issues. Joel Berry and Kyle Mann, known for their satirical take on current events, recently sat down with Charisma Media’s John Matarazzo to discuss their latest book, “The Babylon Bee’s Guide to Gender,” offering Christians a humorous perspective on navigating an increasingly secular world.

A Touch of Truth in Every Joke

Reflecting on the power of humor, Joel Berry pointed out humor often contains a grain of truth behind the laughter. “Behind every joke, there is a bit of truth there,” he noted, explaining that some people get offended by jokes because they refuse to acknowledge the nugget of truth within them.

The Babylon Bee is renowned for its sharp satire and prophetic ability to predict absurd real-world events. Berry and Mann talked about the uncanny moments when their satirical articles turned into reality. For instance, Berry shared an example from 2017 when they joked that “two plus two equals four” would be declared white supremacist and racist, only to see a math professor make a similar assertion in 2021.

The Power of Satire in Addressing Gender Ideology

The conversation naturally led to the book’s focus on gender ideology. The authors pointed out that some of their earliest and most popular articles centered around gender, even before it became a prominent cultural issue. Mann noted that they aim to tackle the big cultural fights, and today, gender is undoubtedly one of those fights.

“You know, we had we had one about a motorcyclist who identifies as a bicyclist, winning the Tour de France. We had one where, an old man, a grown man identifies as a 12-year-old and crushes the game winning homer at the tee ball championship, some of those were doing really well. And I feel like that was almost before it. It was simmering under the surface of the culture at that time, and it was kind of before it all came to a head. But as writers, we kind of go where the conversation is, we kind of try to run into the fire of where the big cultural fights are. And so that’s the big cultural fight,” Berry explains.

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One of their favorite articles addressed Kamala Harris, imagining her taking likability lessons from Hillary Clinton. To their surprise, real news emerged that Harris’s team had indeed consulted with Clinton’s team to boost her likability. Such moments highlight the absurdity of current events that satirical outlets like The Babylon Bee expose.

Laughter and its Role in Christian Engagement

Berry and Mann emphasized the importance of humor in Christian engagement with the secular world. They stressed the value of “ordinary faithfulness” and being “joyful warriors.” By knowing where their lines are and what they are willing to stand for, Christians can be prepared to take a stand when necessary.

They encouraged Christians not to be overly concerned with issues beyond their control and to focus on their immediate responsibilities and relationships. The authors also highlighted the role of laughter in revealing the absurdity of false ideologies. “When you can mock a bad idea, you really take the power out of it,” Mann stated.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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