Sword-Wielding Man Causes Havoc During Church Service

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James Lasher

Churches in the West continue to be targeted by violent agitators as a Utah man was arrested recently for assaulting churchgoers at a Sunday morning service with a wooden sword and punching several with his fists.

As reported by ABC 4 Salt Lake City, “Chandler Grillone, 31, faces two felony charges of aggravated assault, one felony charge of property damage under $5,000, a misdemeanor assault charge, as well as charges of disorderly conduct and interfering with a police officer. He was taken into custody shortly after 11 a.m. Sunday morning, May 26.”

Salt Lake City has been dealing with a growing homelessness problem over the last several years, and with this comes issues that deal with addiction, mental health problems and spiritual oppression.

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In an interview with 2News KUTV, a local resident who went by Mike described being unable to hold “pay respects at the Celebration of Life Memorial on Library Square” due to the growing homeless population preventing access to the memorial.

“We came here and the memorial was surrounded by homeless people. There was drug use going on,” he claims.

“We’ve seen that a lot in the past. I’ve personally witnessed a sexual assault in the homeless community and called the cops and got them involved. That was in front of one of my properties, here,” he continues.

The attack that took place at the Cathedral of the Madeline during their Sunday Mass appears to be “without provocation or any indication of reasoning” according to probably cause documents.

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As reported by Breitbart News, “When police arrested Grillone, he allegedly resisted, and officers had to restrain him using a ‘WRAP’ device, a kind of full-body restraint designed to minimize injury to both the arrestee and police.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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