‘Soldiers of Christ’ Cult Members Charged with Murder

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James Lasher

The gruesome discovery of Sehee Cho’s 70-pound decaying corpse in the trunk of a car has sent shockwaves through the Korean community in Gwinnett County, Georgia, raising concerns about the existence of dangerous religious cults preying on vulnerable individuals. Cho, a 33-year-old South Korean national, was allegedly lured to the Atlanta area by a group known as the “Soldiers of Christ,” led by Joonho Lee and his brothers.

Prosecutors claim that Cho was brutally abused, held captive in a basement, and ultimately starved to death during the cult’s initiation process.

Authorities have arrested seven individuals, including family members, in connection with Cho’s death. The “Soldiers of Christ” has been officially designated a criminal street gang under Georgia law, highlighting the severity of the allegations against the cult.

Cult expert Dr. Steve Hassan, who escaped a Korean cult in the 1970s, identified disturbing cult-like traits in this case. Joonho Lee, the alleged cult leader, claimed to receive instructions directly from God, a common characteristic among cult leaders. According to Dr. Hassan, the methods employed, such as alleged beatings, ice baths and starvation, suggest cult activity rather than typical street gang behavior.

“I predict they were doing an exorcism,” Hassan commented. “Because the person had doubts and wanted to leave, they weren’t conforming. So the leader was like, ‘We’re going to beat the body to get the spirit out of the person, or we’re going to starve the person until the spirit leaves.'”

The tragic incident has raised concerns about the presence of similar cults operating in the shadows across the country. Dr. Hassan warns that thousands of such groups exist in the United States, often led by individuals who were either raised in a cult or left to form their own. These groups employ control tactics like starvation, sleep deprivation and information restriction to manipulate members and instill irrational fear.

The case underscores the need for vigilance within communities, especially among those who may be susceptible due to personal struggles. The “Soldiers of Christ” allegedly targeted Cho during a vulnerable period of depression, emphasizing the dangers of exploitation by cults.

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Biblical Community vs. Cult Manipulation

In response to such tragedies, the Christian community is called to promote and teach the biblical principles of genuine Christian fellowship. The Bible emphasizes the importance of supportive, uplifting communities that follow the teachings of Christ. Rather than engaging in harmful practices, the focus should be on strengthening one another in faith, love and compassion.

Proverbs 27:17: “Iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”

The tragic events surrounding Sehee Cho highlight the stark contrast between authentic Christian communities and those that deviate from biblical principles. True Christian fellowship promotes spiritual growth, mutual support and the nurturing of each member’s faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Warning Signs and Scriptural Guidance

It is crucial for individuals to be aware of warning signs indicating potential cultic behavior within groups claiming to be Christian. The Bible provides guidance on discerning true discipleship and guarding against deception.

Matthew 7:15: “Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.”

In times of vulnerability, seeking guidance from established Christian leaders, engaging in prayerful discernment and consulting biblical principles can help individuals avoid falling prey to manipulative groups.

The tragic death of Sehee Cho serves as a somber reminder for communities to remain vigilant against cultic influences, fostering genuine Christian fellowship grounded in love, compassion and adherence to biblical teachings.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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