Satanic Murderers Face Jail Time for Human Sacrifices

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Abby Trivett

No, humans are not meant to be sacrificed. However, that didn’t stop a group from participating in some of the vilest activities possible.

Three people are facing jail time for killing multiple victims as a part of Satanic rituals.

According to the Associated Press, Andrei Tregubenko and Olga Bolsakova, both of whom are Satanists, murdered a girl in 2016. This happened after the two enticed the girl to follow them back into the woods.

Following this murder, Tregubenko and Bolsakova joined Tatiana Deryugina and Alexander Perevozchikov-Khmury in the killing of another man in the forest. These killings occurred only two months apart.

Tregubenko’s crimes didn’t stop there. He also stabbed a man in Moscow following a confrontation. Russia’s Investigative Committee noted that Tregubenko and the other Satanists then took the stabbing victim’s blood and performed a ritual with it. Tregubenko has been sentenced to life in prison while the others are facing long sentences, including 13-15 years in prison.

These murders come as the Satanic activity of the rich and famous has come to light here in America. Both Ryan Garcia and Kid Rock have described the things they’ve seen in the elite Bohemian Grove club, including the sexual assault of children and the worship of an owl statue. While this may be surprising to some, there are many who would do anything to gain power and control in this world, even if it means selling their soul.

When Satanic worship takes front and center in a person’s life, it leads people to do the strangest of things and some of the darkest. In a day and age where witchcraft is seeping into our culture and churches, stories like this one are a reminder of why we should never play with the demonic.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media

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