PRAY: Invisible Wave of Adultery Sweeping Over American Cities

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James Lasher

What better place to strike in the nuclear family than at its very core: the husband and wife.

The relationship that is symbolic of Jesus Christ and His church that is responsible for raising future generations into Godly living and lifestyles.

Fox News recently interviewed the chief strategy officer of the now infamous cheating and adultery website Ashley Madison, Paul Keable, and his revelations are shocking to say the least.

The interview highlights the website’s “hot spots for non-monogamy,” aka adultery, across the nation.

The discussion already revealed something more, an ongoing pattern occurring in the Midwest, and it is not good for marriages or families.

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“We saw that Columbus, Ohio, had the No. 1 most signups per capita for any city across America, which was fascinating because they weren’t even in the top 20 of our list last year,” reveals Keable.

“Clearly, something is going on in Ohio because, in fact, there are two other cities in the top 20 from Ohio.”

It is not just Ohio that is seeing this surge in infidelity, but across swathes of the Bible Belt.

“Something is going on in the Midwest,” Keable says.

These “somethings” he keeps mentioning reveal the spiritual warfare taking place across the world trying to get people of all backgrounds, especially Christians, to give in to their sin nature and abandon the principles of God.

People often attribute living away from major urban areas as a safety net from these type of “big city problems,” but as the data show, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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“We have red states and blue states and purple states represented really, really well. We have tourist destinations—Sin City, Las Vegas drops in at No. 4, which probably isn’t too surprising,” Keable says. “But then when you have Buffalo, Baton Rouge, Tucson, Arizona, what does that really tell you about America? It tells me that infidelity is ubiquitous against your income, against your industry and your location.”

Americans are making the same mistake that Jonah made when he tried to run from God. You can’t change your geographic location and think that the spiritual realm will just let you go. It doesn’t.

This is where spiritual warfare comes into play, as the Bible warns us many, many times within its holy pages.

Paul reveals that he fought a good fight, and that means he was warring against both the flesh and the evil spirits that are roaming this earth seeking humans to lead astray.

Trends like this highlight the necessity of putting on the armor of God (Eph. 6:11-13) each and every day, because we live in a society that is being bombarded by the fiery darts of the enemy and too many are succumbing the flesh.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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