Our Prayerful Response to Pride Month

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Michael L. Brown

It’s June, which means that everywhere you turn, you’ll be confronted with LGBTQ+ flags, banners, memes and displays. But rather than let this constant, in-your-face display frustrate us, let’s turn it into a call for prayer.

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That’s why I posted this week:

Prayer is our greatest weapon of spiritual warfare and the most powerful expression of our love. Prayer prevails. As S. D. Gordon said, “Prayer is striking the winning blow. Service is gathering up the results.”

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Praying Christians helped bring me into God’s family when I was a 16-year-old, proud, rebellious, heroin-shooting, LSD-using, Jewish, hippie rock drummer.

Their prayers brought the conviction of the Spirit into my life, revealing the depths of my sin (I thought I was a good person). And their prayers helped open my eyes to the truth of the gospel.

God truly answers prayer!

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