Top of the Week: Could Scientists Really Have Found Noah’s Ark?

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Could Scientists Really Have Found Noah’s Ark?

Scientists excavating a large boat-shaped mound in the eastern mountains of Turkey have announced their tests on the rock and soil samples they collected at the site indicate humans were living at the site 5,000 years ago—the same time frame that some biblical scholars link to the Great Flood from the Bible’s Old Testament book of Genesis.

The research team from three Turkish and American universities has been investigating the theory that the geologic formation is actually the ruins of Noah’s Ark.

According to the test results, there were human activities in the region from 5,550 to 3,000 BC, according to Arkeonews. The mound exists in the Ararat region which was known as Urartu in the ancient past.

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The Spiritual Ramifications of Hyper-Grace Theology

We live during a time when many people do not want to hear about God at all, and if they do, there sometimes is a misunderstanding or a deliberate pushback from the concept of repentance. But why is that? The problem, according to Pastor Greg Locke, is the infiltration of the hyper-grace theology into the American church.

“People are comfortable stumbling in the dark; that’s what they want,” Locke says. “It’s like this self-imposing situation where you get so used to it; you just enjoy it—self-pity, self-infliction and then I start turning the lights on, you’re like, ‘how dare you tell me that’s wrong?'”

Locke says that it’s not the job of the pastor to let people fumble around in darkness. Instead, it’s the job of the pastor to help bring people to the light, toward the truth. Locke says that allowing people to move in the spirit of lasciviousness keeps people trapped in the bondage they were already living in.

Has This Kent Christmas Prophecy for 2023 Been Fulfilled?

Back in September, Kent Christmas shared some very clear and specific prophecies that would come to pass in the last few months of 2023. The question now is whether one of these prophecies has already been fulfilled.

One of the specific prophecies that Christmas spoke over was that God was going to do something to shake up Congress.

“I’m going to so confuse the so-called experts,” Christmas said. “I’m going to show up in places nobody thought that I could show up. ‘Before I’m done,’ says the Lord, ‘They will allow a Spirit-filled, Holy Ghost, tongue-talking preacher to open Congress.'”

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Children Leading Worship During Halloween Revivals

What would you rather have your child doing: conforming to the culture and be out trick-or-treating, or be on stage worshipping God during revival?

With the Holy Spirit moving mightily across America, many parents decided they would edify their children and build their lives upon the solid rock of Jesus Christ for Halloween this year.

Revival services have continued for over a week now at Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia. They have been led under the authority and leadership of Pastor Jentezen Franklin and Evangelist Perry Stone with packed altar calls every night.

Where Is God’s Grace and Mercy in Hollywood?

When it comes to God’s character, filmmaker and actress Sam Sorbo says there is a great deal of misunderstanding on the part of human beings—even Christians.

While many want to paint the Almighty as a deity of anger, wrath and full of damnation, Sorbo says God is just the opposite and wants everyone to know that God is all about forgiveness. There is nothing you can do—outside of completely rejecting His love—for which you cannot be redeemed.

That is the central theme of Sorbo Studios’ new film “Miracle in East Texas,” which opened in theaters across the country on October 29. The movie, which stars herself, her husband Kevin and John Ratzenberger of “Cheers” fame, tells the true story of a pair of con men (Sorbo and Ratzenberger) who, during the dark days of the Great Depression in the 1930s, swindle newly widowed women out of money in exchange for phony shares in oil stock.

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