Morning Rundown: Church of England Facing Potential Disestablishment

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Church of England Facing Potential Disestablishment

In recent developments across the pond, a bill in the U.K. is stirring the pot, aiming to disestablish the Church of England. An atheist group in the U.S., the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), is praising this move, claiming it as a step toward a more secular democracy. The bill, championed by Liberal Democrat Paul Scriven, challenges the historic ties between the church and the state, suggesting it’s time for a change.

For some, the disestablishment is seen as progress, a move away from what they perceive as the Church of England imposing its doctrines on the majority. The FFRF applauds this shift, highlighting recent concerns over religious inclusion at King Charles III’s coronation. The debate gains momentum as the bill heads to Parliament on Dec. 6.

Evangelist Ray Comfort, renowned for his outspoken evangelism, delved into the Christian imagery woven into the recent coronation of King Charles III in an exclusive Charisma News interview prior to the event. Comfort emphasized the significance of England’s Christian heritage, particularly reflected in the monarch’s ceremony. The evangelist highlighted the symbolic act of the king kneeling before and kissing the Bible, a centuries-old tradition that echoes the nation’s historical Christian roots.

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Arizona Preacher Shot in Head While Sharing the Gospel

In the heart of Glendale, Arizona, the proclamation of the gospel faced an unforeseen challenge when Hans Schmidt, a 26-year-old military medic and committed Christian, was shot in the head while sharing his faith on a street corner.

The incident unfolded on Wednesday, Nov. 15, leaving Schmidt in critical condition and a community grappling with the senselessness of this violent act.

As we unravel the details of this tragic event, it is paramount for us, as Christians, to turn to the Scriptures for guidance and solace. In times of persecution, our faith undergoes scrutiny, yet the Bible assures us of God’s enduring presence and promises.

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Prophet Charlie Shamp Shares Vision of 46th President With ‘Feet Made of Clay’

As the world is consumed by wars and rumors of more wars going through what appear to be birthing pains, Christians take note: the Lord said these things would be happening, and that it would get worse.

Yet in the darkness of a world that is rejecting God in new ways each day, there is a promise of hope and an outpouring of God that is to wash across the barren earth.

Acts 2 tells of the words spoken by the prophet Joel, saying that we can expect amazing revelations given by the power of the Holy Spirit to those living through these times where rejection of our Maker is increasing in frequency and severity.

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