Church of England Facing Potential Disestablishment

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James Lasher

In recent developments across the pond, a bill in the U.K. is stirring the pot, aiming to disestablish the Church of England. An atheist group in the U.S., the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), is praising this move, claiming it as a step toward a more secular democracy. The bill, championed by Liberal Democrat Paul Scriven, challenges the historic ties between the church and the state, suggesting it’s time for a change.

For some, the disestablishment is seen as progress, a move away from what they perceive as the Church of England imposing its doctrines on the majority. The FFRF applauds this shift, highlighting recent concerns over religious inclusion at King Charles III’s coronation. The debate gains momentum as the bill heads to Parliament on Dec. 6.

Evangelist Ray Comfort, renowned for his outspoken evangelism, delved into the Christian imagery woven into the recent coronation of King Charles III in an exclusive Charisma News interview prior to the event. Comfort emphasized the significance of England’s Christian heritage, particularly reflected in the monarch’s ceremony. The evangelist highlighted the symbolic act of the king kneeling before and kissing the Bible, a centuries-old tradition that echoes the nation’s historical Christian roots.

Comfort underscored the importance of preserving these traditions, arguing that they serve as a powerful reminder of England’s deep-seated Christian identity. As the debate over the potential disestablishment of the Church of England unfolds, Comfort’s insights contribute to the broader conversation about the role of faith in the nation’s cultural and historical fabric.

“When Charles is crowned on May 6th, he’s going to reach out his hand and lay it on a Bible and swear to uphold the biblical truth of salvation by grace, through faith,” Comfort explains.

“He’s going to be the defender of the faith. He’s going to carry an orb…it’s a golden globe with diamonds and pearly all over it. [It has] a cross on the top, and it’s symbolic of Jesus Christ’s reign over the whole earth. He’s going to hold a scepter, as David held and as Solomon held.

“He’s going to be anointed with oil, there’s all sorts of things…and it’s going to be witnessed by literally hundreds of millions around the world,” says Comfort.

As we observe these discussions, it’s essential for Christians to reflect on the potential impact on biblical values. In moments like these, we are reminded of the Bible’s warnings about the falling away from faith. The apostle Paul, in 2 Timothy 4:3-4, speaks of a time when people will turn away from sound doctrine, preferring teachings that align with their desires. The potential disestablishment prompts us to ponder whether this is a symptom of a broader shift away from biblical principles around the world.

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The proposed separation challenges the long-standing privilege of the Church of England in the House of Lords and the recognition of King Charles as the official “Defender of the Faith.” While some argue it’s a necessary step to modernize, others question whether this will undermine the faith foundation that has been part of the nation’s history.

As Christians, we must remember that our trust is in Jesus, regardless of the changes around us. In Hebrews 13:8, the Bible assures us that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” While institutions may evolve, God’s unchanging truth remains a steadfast anchor for believers.

Amid debates and potential shifts, our focus should be on running toward Jesus, not away from Him. The challenges faced by the Church of England invite us to reaffirm our commitment to Christ and His teachings. The uncertainties in the world today find their answer in the unchanging love and truth found in Jesus Christ.

As discussions unfold about the potential disestablishment of the Church of England, we must remember the enduring nature of our faith. While the world may change, Jesus remains our constant guide. As Christians, let us continue to embrace the timeless truths of the gospel in the midst of shifting tides.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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