Morning Rundown: Walker Hayes’ Transformation From Battling Alcoholism and Atheism to Life in Christ

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Walker Hayes’ Transformation From Battling Alcoholism and Atheism to Life in Christ

Walker Hayes shared in a recent interview with Fox News how his life was transformed by Christ after previously battling with alcoholism and atheism. One of the key pieces to shaping his walk with Jesus was also one of his most heartbreaking as his family experienced a tragic loss when his seventh child died.

It was during this incredibly difficult time that Hayes’ close friend, Craig, supported him and encouraged him to grow in his faith.

“Most people would be drawn away from me,” Hayes said. “You know I lost a kid; I have nothing going on musically, I’m an alcoholic. I’m great at pushing people away, and so then here comes this guy named Craig who was drawn nearer to me, and it was quite confusing.”

Demonic Manifestations Becoming the Norm in America

When Christians are not active participants in society and culture, Satan begins taking territory for himself.

There is no clearer example of this than the United States of America.

A nation that was founded on godly principles and morality, a nation that fought to correct the sins of her past and ensure freedom for all citizens was guaranteed, has fallen under demonic influence.

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Is Playing the Lottery a Sin?

With the current Mega Millions jackpot reaching $1.25 billion, the topic of what one would do with such a large windfall is in many peoples’ thoughts.

The subject of whether Christians should play the lottery is one that has sparked much debate and contemplation within the Christian community over the years.

The Bible provides wisdom and insights that can guide believers in making an informed decision on this matter.

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