Morning Rundown: WATCH: Pastor Miraculously Saved From Gunman

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WATCH: Pastor Miraculously Saved From Gunman

A pastor in North Braddock, Pennsylvania, is giving God all the praise, honor and glory after a man tried to murder him as he was giving his sermon.

Pastor Glenn Germany had fractions of a second to react as the man, identified as 26-year-old Bernard Junior Polite, casually strolled up to the front altar of the Jesus Dwelling Place Church, smiled at the pastor and raised a silver pistol mere feet from Germany with a clear line of fire.

Yet when Polite pulled the trigger, what can only be described as divine intervention filled the church, as the weapon jammed and Germany’s life was spared.

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Jonathan Cahn Exposes Force Behind the Protest Phenomenon

Is there a dark, spiritual force behind the pro-Hamas protests we’ve been seeing?

In his latest prophetic message, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn unveils the dark forces propelling the anti-Israel protests across college campuses today.

“In Columbia University, protestors have announced, ‘Zionists have entered the camp. We don’t want no Zionists here,'” Cahn said.

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Prophecy: ‘The Spirit of Jezebel Has Been Unleashed’

There’s no hiding from the spirit of Jezebel.

In a word for the month of May, prophetic voice Tomi Arayomi gave a warning for this month that we need to be on the lookout for the spirit of Jezebel. Further, he says this is the moment to keep our eyes on Christ.

“If you’re looking for encouragement you’re not going to find it to the left or to the right of you,” Arayomi says. “You’re only going to find your next season of encouragement by looking to the hills from whence comes your help.”

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