Morning Rundown: Taylor Swift’s Latest Anti-Holy Spirit Album

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Taylor Swift’s Latest Anti-Holy Spirit Album

Taylor Swift is holding nothing back on her latest album when it comes to her personal beliefs.

Swift’s “The Tortured Poets Department” is nothing short of blasphemous when it comes to her choice of lyrics. Using stories from Scripture in negative manners, Swift is using the Bible to flush out her anger.

In her song, “Guilty as Sin” the lyrics say:

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‘Jesus March for Israel’ Coming to Columbia University

The spiritual warfare taking place in America is in full-swing, and the nation is suffering the repercussions of adopting ungodly morals and ethics.

By turning against the principles of the Bible which this nation was founded on, violence, crime and corruption have taken hold in the United States and is fighting to maintain its grip.

In response to this, Christian worship artist Sean Feucht has announced a “Jesus March for Israel” to be held on Thursday, Apr. 25, at 6:30 p.m.

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Students Protest ‘Furry’ Invasion at Their School

Who would have thought our world would come to a place where children are terrified of their classmates, not because they are bullies, but because they believe they’re animals?

In Utah, middle schoolers protested after dealing with classmates who identify as furries. Furries are people who identify as animals, whether as a dog, cat or other creature. They believe their true self is an animal, not a person. Some of these people will dress up in animal costumes, masks and headbands.

Now, the children of Mount Nebo Middle School have had enough of the charade.

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