Students Protest ‘Furry’ Invasion at Their School

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Abby Trivett

Who would have thought our world would come to a place where children are terrified of their classmates, not because they are bullies, but because they believe they’re animals?

In Utah, middle schoolers protested after dealing with classmates who identify as furries. Furries are people who identify as animals, whether as a dog, cat or other creature. They believe their true self is an animal, not a person. Some of these people will dress up in animal costumes, masks and headbands.

Now, the children of Mount Nebo Middle School have had enough of the charade.

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This started with a petition on called “Students for Humans at School, not animals aka furries.”

Currently, over 2,700 people have signed this petition.

The petition is asking for the school administration to enforce code 3.1.8 which reads, “Jewelry, accessories, tattoos, hair, facial hair, and other elements of a student’s appearance that draw undo attention, distract, disrupt, or otherwise interfere with the learning atmosphere at school or at school activities and events, or that create a health, safety, or welfare issue are prohibited.”

This protest comes as the children complained that the students who identify as furries have bitten them, and that they seemingly are allowed to wear their masks and other furry regalia even after they were prohibited.

“They don’t get in trouble,” a student said in a video clip played by commentator Matt Walsh. “The principal doesn’t make them get in trouble.”

“All the principal says, is, ‘be kind, be nice,'” another student chimed in.

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“If they bite us, we just kick them,” a student said.

“They attack us [and] we get in trouble,” another said.

Another student said the furries bite, scratch and sometimes pounce on them.

However, the Nebo School District spokesperson, Seth Sorenson, has said that these accusations are false.

As the Salt Lake Tribune reported, the school district says a letter that went out to families was “misinterpreted.” In this letter, a small group of children were mentioned as being targeted for dressing differently, emphasizing kindness to all students. The school tried to put out the fire by sending a follow-up letter.

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