Morning Rundown: Flat Earth Debate: In the Round or on Solid Ground?

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Flat Earth Debate: In the Round or on Solid Ground?

In a rare ecclesiastical event, Global Vision Bible Church is set to host a spirited debate on the age-old question of whether the Earth is flat or round.

The debate, scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 2, at 6 pm CST, will feature two esteemed pastors, each fervently defending their views and invoking biblical support.

Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church, a proponent of the belief that the Bible aligns with a spherical Earth, will face off against Pastor Dean Odle, Founder and Senior Pastor of Fire & Grace Church of Opelika, Alabama, who passionately argues for a flat Earth perspective. Both pastors have actively engaged their respective congregations, building anticipation for the event through their social media platforms.

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Christian Music Pioneer Jimmy Owens Dies at 93

The Christian community is mourning the loss of Christian music trailblazer, Jimmy Owens, who passed away peacefully Sunday, Nov. 26. His wife, Carol, preceded him to heaven in March of this year. They were married 68 years.

A prominent figure in the Christian music scene, Jimmy, along with Carol, etched a lasting legacy with their iconic musicals, “Come Together,” “The Witness” and “If My People,” which gained nationwide acclaim during the early 1970s.

Jimmy’s journey of faith led him to serve as Music Director at Melodyland Christian Center in Anaheim, California, before dedicating his full-time efforts to musicals, children’s music, writing and teaching. The couple co-founded the School of Music Ministries International.

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Pastors Top List of Jobs Most Vulnerable to AI Takeover

In an era marked by technological advances, even positions in the five-fold ministry are not immune to the influence of artificial intelligence.

Recent findings from a Department for Education report in Great Britain reveal that clergy members, entrusted with the spiritual guidance of congregations, rank among the top 20 professions most susceptible to the impact of AI, particularly in the realm of “large language model” systems.

According to the study, clergy members hold the 13th position in vulnerability among the 365 occupational categories examined. The assessment considered crucial skills inherent in each profession, such as written comprehension and inductive reasoning, evaluating their replicability by AI systems.

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