How Greg and Tai Locke Found Healing and Deliverance Through the Holy Spirit

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Abby Trivett

In the midst of life’s challenges, unexpected moments can spark profound transformations. For Greg and Tai Locke, the Holy Spirit led them on a journey of pain and faith to transform their lives and birthed an unprecedented deliverance ministry.

Greg and Tai’s first step toward deliverance ministry happened within their own marriage. Tai was in the middle of devoting her time to her ailing mother, and with each and every day her own struggle with excruciating back pain grew more fervent.

“When I started caring for my mother toward the end of her life, that pain became excruciating,” Locke said. “I would sleep on our hardwood floors because it was the only way that I could get pain relief.”

Greg saw the immense pain his wife was drowning in, but declaring healing and deliverance were far from his expertise at the time. Finally, one night, the Holy Spirit spoke to him.

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“The Holy Spirit spoke to me,” Locke said. “And said, ‘I want you to lay your hands on your wife’s back and command healing because she had a problem.’ I thought, ‘well, she’s asleep, so if nothing happens then she’s not going to know the difference. And sure enough, I put my hand on her back and it was just like the Spirit of God…it was a definitive moment in my life and my marriage and my ministry.”

The next morning, Tai woke up and realized that she felt better. After a couple of days, she realized the pain in her back had ceased.

“I had this realization that the Lord had healed me,” Locke said.

Eventually, she broke her silence, and asked Greg if he had prayed for her. Greg said yes, and skepticism was replaced by awe and gratitude as the couple witnessed the undeniable transformation in her spine. Tai’s crooked spine was straight.

This occurrence completely transformed and wrecked all of Greg’s theology and rules that was against the possibility of miracles, signs and wonders.

“It was in that moment, I realized, I have missed out on 30 years of setting people free,” Locke said. “Because I was bound by the Law. I was bound by religion. I had more rules than the book of Leviticus.”

Tai’s healing was the first step Greg needed to break off the lens of religiosity and enter into the calling that God had for him: deliverance ministry.

“That was a pivotal moment for us and that one was a moment that honestly, I praise the Lord for so much because I believe it was from that moment that we are where we are today,” Tai said.

After this, the couple started learning more about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how God was still at work today. The biggest moment of transformation came when a young girl manifested a demon during the middle of baptisms and the Locke’s were unsure of what to do.

“It was the embarrassing moment that we had to have,” Greg said. “Maybe I’ve been theologically having gotten in a box. And it’s time that I removed the denominational lens from my eyes and say, ‘Lord, if you will, teach us the principles of deliverance and healing.'”

From this moment on, Greg and Tai transformed their ministry which has catapulted into best-selling books, and the blockbuster film, “Come Out in Jesus Name.” Thousands have been set free and they continue to see more people break off the chains of darkness each Sunday. Their journey is a testament to the transformative power of faith and the Holy Spirit’s intervention that comes through God’s supernatural power.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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