Greg Locke: Why Do So Many Churches Ignore Deliverance Ministry?

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If Jesus spent one-third of His ministry casting out demons, why do so many churches virtually ignore deliverance ministry? Following the break-out box office success of his documentary, ‘Come Out In Jesus Name,’ which is now streaming worldwide, firebrand pastor, Greg Locke, is set to release “Cast It Out: The Call to Set People Free” (Charisma House), the third installment in his Spiritual Warfare Series.

Through his new book, Christians will come to understand the power and purpose behind deliverance, and why all followers of Christ are called to cast out demons.

“I had all the arguments against signs and wonders firmly in hand and deliverance ministry wasn’t even an afterthought. I had predetermined it all to be nothing more than foolish hyped-up ‘charismaniac’ nonsense,” Locke writes. “But then God said, ‘I’m going to remove your denominational lenses. I’m going to show you what the Bible really says.'”

Locke, a former devout cessationist, recounts his first experience in deliverance ministry. A grandmother and her granddaughter came to his church to get baptized. As the little girl was going under the water, she placed both her hands on both sides of the baptistry, lifted herself up, and manifested a full-blown demon.

“At that moment, I was afraid of the little girl and what she might do next. In all my years of ministry all around the world, I’d never seen anything like it,” he writes. “How could we not know how to help this little girl? We pastor a church.” Locke goes on with emphasis, “we learned that deliverance ministry will get really practical really quick and will suddenly show you what you’ve been missing in the Spirit—once you truly open your eyes.”

In “Cast It Out,” Locke testifies of what the Lord has done in his life and ministry and shares the biblical truth and inspired revelations God used to erase all his doubts about the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. In what he considers his most important book yet, Locke also examines how Jesus dealt with his own deliverance ministry and addresses many of the most pressing questions about deliverance in order to help equip readers to find true freedom and healing in Christ, including:

  • What the Bible says about deliverance
  • Whether Christians can be demonized
  • Popular objections to deliverance ministry
  • How Jesus taught us to deal with demons

“Cast It Out” will guide readers to biblically understand what is and is not part of deliverance ministry and how they can be proactively part of the most important spiritual awakening happening in our world today. “The commission to cast out evil spirits and the authority we’ve been given to do it is nothing new,” writes Locke. “But two things are simultaneously happening. First, there’s a beautiful acceleration of deliverance ministry. Second, there’s a horrific infiltration in deliverance ministry.”

In “Cast It Out,” Locke highlights the Bible’s teachings on deliverance and the universal call for the church to engage in this ministry. Drawing inspiration from Jesus’ dedication to casting out demons and by sharing his own journey as a new deliverance minister, Locke underscores the importance of answering this call to Christian service by all believers and provides guidance on how to take action strategically and powerfully against this enemy, in Jesus’ name.

He also aims to strike a nerve in Christianity with “Cast It Out,” recognizing that “regardless of whether people agree with it or not, the body of Christ will continue the vital conversation about deliverance from demonic oppression.”

“Cast It Out” by Pastor Greg Locke, is published by Charisma House and is available online at and wherever books are sold.

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Greg Locke is the founding and lead pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, just outside Nashville. The social media firebrand is the producer of the film, Come Out in Jesus Name, and host of the top-rated podcast, On Point With Pastor Greg Locke. He has a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies and a master’s degree in revival history and is a revivalist and popular speaker in churches and political circles alike. The Lord has blessed him with one of the largest social media platforms in the nation, and Global Vision’s livestream ministry reaches people around the world. Locke and his wife, Taisha, have six children and work hand in hand in the ministry, seeking to reach those who are broken and have been forgotten by the church. Visit Locke’s website at

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