How Could the Wisest Man on Earth Become Such a Fool?

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Samantha Carpenter

One of the hardest things Christians must grapple with is learning that a revered Christian preacher—impacting many people with the teaching of God’s Word—is leading a secret life of sin. We all wonder how a spiritual giant could be so blind to their own double standards. Some people may question if Christianity is even true if a preacher of Christian morality can be so hypocritical that they violate their own teaching.

The Bible not only speaks to the root of the problem in these situations, but it contains a story of one such man—a man God had anointed and used greatly yet who fell deep into sin and lost everything. If only he had guarded his heart as God had commanded him.

The Israelites had been instructed in Deuteronomy 11:22 to “hold fast” to the Lord in love. King Solomon, however, loved women, and he disobeyed God and married pagan women—many of them. He then “held fast” to his pagan wives instead of God and followed them into idolatry (1 Kings 11:2).

King Solomon had been anointed king and had built the great temple, which God consecrated with His very presence. God then blessed Solomon, making him extremely wealthy and wise. He not only wrote 3,000 proverbs, but all the kings of the earth came to learn from him. In this way, Israel’s king was a light to the nations, and his reign was the highlight of Israel’s history.

How could he then worship the fertility goddess, Ashteroth, or the detestable god, Molek, who required children be thrown into the fire? Solomon knew the God of Israel—who was so great that even the heavens could not contain Him—and had seen Him come down in fire and in a cloud to demonstrate His presence among His people. How could Solomon then bow down to these false gods?

Solomon had said it himself: “The wise fear the Lord and shun evil, but a fool is hotheaded and yet feels secure” (Prov. 14:16, NIV). The wisest man on earth had become a fool and thought he could get away with it. Instead, he angered the Lord, who declared judgment on the Solomonic dynasty.

The lesson for us all is to make sure we love the Lord and cling to Him with all our hearts. Anything we love more than God—especially ourselves—can lead us astray. “Hold fast” to Him in love!

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Dr. Susan Michael is USA director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem and host of the Out of Zion podcast.

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