Healthy Fivefold Leadership in the Church

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In recent years we have witnessed the rise of the prophet and apostle, along with large networks forming around their anointed leadership. The apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher and evangelist make up the fivefold ministry list of Ephesians 4:11.

During last year and a half, with its pandemic, social unrest and divisive election cycle, God exposed many things, including the danger of elevating of the office of the apostle and prophet to the diminishing of the office of the pastor. This diminishing did not start here but came further into view. Healthy fivefold leadership in the church requires honor and respect for every office.

Is the office of the pastor really that important? Absolutely!

The cure of souls, making them ready to receive and answer the call of God, is the work of those called to the office of pastor. How we need this in this hour! So many souls are anguished, strained by circumstances, wearied by culture, destroyed by sin. Do we really understand the crucial role God intended for pastors, and the local church, to play in our lives? I’m not so sure. Jesus desires for us to receive the cure for our souls through these incredibly important servants appointed by God. God is going to restore the pastoral office as he prepares the church to receive a harvest of souls in need of a cure.

Join me in this two-part conversation with Dr. Alan Hawkins, fivefold pastor and theologian, on Move Forward with Dr. Kim Maas on Charisma Podcast Network, as we discuss the importance of the role of pastor and the local church. In this conversation you will come to understand the heart and call of the pastor, and you will become hungry for their ministry in your own life.

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