Faithlessness Driving Euthanasia to America

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James Lasher

Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) is gaining supporters across the world as the idea of being able to decide when you die is being accepted by many.

What was once packaged as a program for the terminally ill that has now branched out to encompass a wide array of physical and mental illnesses, is on its way to America according to one conservative commentator.

Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire believes that as eugenics takes a choking grip on Canada, the world’s leading organ donor from euthanasia, it is only a matter of time before Americans accept this way of life as well.

“As always, culturally, we’re on the same track and on the same train as Canada, heading over the same cliff,” Walsh says. “We’re just maybe a few train cars back.”

Doctors and politicians around the world in countries such as Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain are praising the “selflessness” of people choosing euthanasia, even if they were not terminally ill.

This decline in moral ethics has given way to a rise in faithlessness that seeks to make the citizen a godlike figure, in that they get to decide on the decision of life and death.

“Canadians don’t believe in God anymore, at least in a traditional sense. They believe that they are gods,” says Walsh. “They think that they can change their sex just by wishing for it. God doesn’t choose whether you’re male or female, you get to choose it, and you could change your sex in literally an instant. That’s what they seriously believe, and that’s what everyone on the Left believes, so it’s only natural that a society like that would gradually assume more God-like powers, including the power to decide who dies and when they die.”

One does not have to look far at the path Canada is on to see how Walsh concluded America is following in their footsteps.

The embrace of radical gender ideologies and the rejection of God and His divine design for humanity, not to mention decades of slaughtering unborn human infants through abortion, has led many in the U.S. to hold the same depreciated view of life that Canada now holds.

As reported by the Daily Wire, Walsh “characterized the practice as “eugenics” targeted toward purported undesirables. Some residents in Canada have requested assisted suicide for reasons such as expected homelessness, and in other instances, government healthcare providers suggested the practice in response to long wait times for medical care.”

“Medicine has been inverted in this way in our society for a long time. Euthanasia is just the latest iteration,” Walsh claims. “Some of us, the so-called social conservatives, have been screaming about it from the rooftops for a long time, and we’ve been right all along. We have been right on every major cultural issue, from abortion, to gay marriage, to gender ideology, and we’re right about this too. Euthanasia is a dystopian abomination. It is a war on human life. It is a cancer, and like any cancer, it will never stay contained. It will never stop, it always spreads.”

As the practice of Nazi scientists that was once condemned by the world-at-large, the procedure of removing the least desirable of society is making a giant comeback, and is growing in acceptance.

The lack of God in society appears to be the driving factor. When the gospel was accepted by the majority of Western society and was the pillar upon which its expansion and success were built, life was a valued.

Within the pages of the Word of God are multitudes of verses professing the praises of life, and that Jesus is the path toward an eternal life. But it is Satan who seeks death for all of mankind. What better tactic than to trick humans into giving their own lives up willingly in a false-sense of selflessness and civic duty?

The warnings are being proclaimed that a deception is coming to America, one that will take the lives of even teenagers, as Walsh reveals.

Christians know the enemy is going to try and normalize these state-sponsored executions, many remember the actions of one Dr. Jack Kevorkian, and it would behoove them then to vote for those running for office who cling to biblical values. If not, the entirety of the U.S. government will shift along with Canada’s decaying morals.

James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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