Do You Want to Change the World or Just Change Jobs?

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Blair Parke

Changing jobs may not change the whole world but it will definitely change your world.

In today’s chaotic culture, people are searching to make their lives better. Often that means changing jobs or careers or making some other major shift. If that’s you, just remember that the job or career is not the final goal; the final goal for every Christian is to step into your divine purpose.

Reaching our divine purpose always involves a series of stages and phases that ultimately work to bring our lives and world into wholeness. Yet to enjoy outward success, we must first have inward success. To have inward success involves examining our own souls. Why? Because our souls are our lives’ success center.

Make a Decision

Whether or not you want to change your world by changing jobs or careers or by moving to a new place to start over or by quitting some addiction — it’s making the decision to change that will start you on a new process. And when you follow the right process, the result is that you’ll retake power over your life.

So if you’re thinking of making a change, the first step is to make a decision. If you’ve already made the decision, then you’re ahead. If you haven’t made the decision, you have a lot to consider.

Everyone wants to be delivered from one situation and into a better world. Yet we have to be aware before making the decision that if we fail to meet what the Lord requires, life may well end up with that start-and-stop, merry-go-round we all want to get off.

Making a decision could mean leaving the comfort of a familiar workplace or it could be much more difficult. It might mean deciding not to continue committing a slow suicide by staying the way you are. Either way, the goal for making the decision is the same: to reach your divine purpose.

Enter Discovery

After you’ve made the decision, the second step is discovery. This is the phase when you sift your soul and actions to discover why you are where you are and, specifically, how you got stuck there. This step takes time as you face the truth about how you think, feel, believe and behave.

Through the process of discovery, you can uncover strongholds that lead to and reinforce poor decisions and even addictions. During discovery, you mine your own soul for insights. Diligent soul-mining is the only way to obtain the answers that enable you to repossess your own free will. The insights you find in your own soul will eventually present you with the keys you need to live free and healthy.

Experience Deliverance

How you respond to the discovery phase determines when real healing begins, which is the third step — deliverance.

Ending the downward cycle is the only way to reclaim our souls and recover our personhood.

When you tackle and conquer the discovery phase of the process, you receive the big reward, your deliverance.

Divine Purpose

Everything we do toward changing our future hinges on taking responsibility for our present. We must work through the process to void past covenants with death and destruction.

Accepting our own responsibility is the only way to regain permanent control of our future, no matter how many times we may have tried in the past. Becoming responsible is a must for anyone who wants to acquire and act on the principles that will secure a new life of liberty in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have seen hundreds of people go through this process and I know with God’s strength, you can do it too. I wish you the best and pray for your courage, conviction and God’s wisdom to bring you to victory. And if you want to change your world, it’s time to get to work. {eoa}

Dr. Paula Price is one of the most dynamic, multi-faceted thought leaders of this generation. As a speaker, author, talk show host, inventor and minister, she challenges her audiences to “Think Differently and Live Powerfully,” a phrase that epitomizes the significant impact she makes in the lives of those she touches. Dr. Price focuses her primary efforts on helping people to prosper and be in health, even as their souls prosper. As a soulologist, many are drawn to her products and services to learn the secrets of cultivating a “soul of success,” Dr. Price’s own special brand for soul healing and human development. This platform also allows her to provide a unique approach to training executive leaders through her Omni Executive Services company that specializes in professional leadership coaching. With over 30 years’ experience, Dr. Price is one of the most sought-after leaders, advisors and educators on her subjects. In addition, Dr. Price currently manages her own consulting firm and assessment company, is the author of over 50 books and manuals, including The Prophet’s Dictionary, serves as the president of Price University, the host of her own international TV program, “Taking IT on with Paula Price,” and oversees The Congregation of the Mighty in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Visit her website at drpaulaaprice.com. Follow her on Twitter at @drpaulaprice.

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