Air Force Facing Scrutiny Over Tax Dollars for Drag Shows

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James Lasher

Without the Freedom of Information Act, many would have no idea how the U.S. military, in particular the Air Force, is spending taxpayer money.

Thanks to the work of Judicial Watch however, people now know that they have been holding drag queen events on base on the taxpayer’s dime for years.

The Department of Defense actually delayed both Judicial Watch and CatholicVote Civic Action requests for records on this activity up to the highest levels of leadership, such as communications “from the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd J. Austin, III, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, Kathleen Hicks and the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff regarding drag shows and drag story hours on U.S. military installations.”

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Discoveries such as “drag story hours” at on-base libraries as well as “drag karaoke” and summer reading programs with drag queens have all been uncovered, again, at the expense of the taxpayer.

This FOIA request also brought to light the indoctrination of the U.S. military with a multitude of DEI initiatives that service members are sometimes forced to participate in as “training.”

As reported by Judicial Watch:

May 2022 meeting minutes from an international diversity and inclusion group called “Pathfinders” lists an extensive number of upcoming Pride Month and Diversity Day events that will be supported at Ramstein Air Force Base.

A May 2022 email with redacted sender and recipient(s) and subject line “Diversity and Inclusion Events” contains a list of upcoming events.

“How on Earth is it appropriate to spend our limited defense dollars on promoting these sexually themed events for children and adults rather than on advancing the military’s mission?” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton asks. “As we see in these troubling Air Force records, our nation’s military is being ruined by woke ideology.”

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Meanwhile, the Russian army is engaged in war with Ukraine and the Chinese military is continuously conducting war drills against the island nation of Taiwan in the hopes of exerting control over the chip-producing country.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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