AI Expansion: Is It Undermining the Bible and Moral Values?

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The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has brought with it lively conversations about new technological possibilities, warnings and concerns over potential abuses and misuses.

Dr. John Plake, chief program officer at the American Bible Society, told CBN News his organization set out in its annual “State of the Bible” survey to “look at this unique angle on the Bible and technology.”

The American Bible Society frequently asks specific questions about the intersections of faith and technology, but with the AI discussion rapidly expanding in recent months, researchers decided to ask people a series of positive and negative questions about the burgeoning tool.

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“We looked at things like, ‘Can AI be relied on for moral reasoning?’ or, ‘Would you be against AI helping your pastor to prepare his sermon or perhaps preparing the sermon and your pastor just delivering it?’—things like that,” Plake said. “We asked, ‘Do you believe that AI goes against biblical teaching?'”

The “State of the Bible” report then broke down the results by generation and level of Scripture engagement, and the survey yielded some fascinating findings.

“People who are more engaged with Scripture tend to be more skeptical of artificial intelligence,” Plake said. “And I think part of that is that they’re tuned into moral hazards that come about when we think about machines doing our thinking for us.”

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Scripture-engaged respondents were less optimistic about AI’s future benefits, less likely to believe it aids in moral reasoning, and less likely to see it as enriching spiritual practices or promoting “spiritual health.”

It’s not just Christians who are cautious, though. The general public seems overwhelmingly unsure of what the future holds and appears to be more driven by fear than excitement over what’s to come.

The results found 68% of the public disagreed with the idea AI could “promote spiritual health” and 58% also disagreed when asked if it could “aid in moral reasoning.”

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