7 Typical Prophetic Buzzwords Given to Hype Crowds

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Joseph Mattera

Every year, many prophetic words are given to start the new year. Many prophetic words are just repetitive rewordings of previously hyped-up words. However, are they really prophetic words? With all the prophetic lunacy in much of the charismatic church over the last few years, we need to revisit the prophetic standards statement as a guide for church movements and Christ followers.

Also, I encourage you to check out the 2023 review of prophetic words given last year by Remnant Radio.

To aid the body of Christ in developing discernment, the following is a summary of some of the standard generic words or phrases that appeal to many despite the fact they rarely come to pass.

The following are some generic prophetic hype buzzwords:

1. There will be a wealth transfer this year. In the past few decades, I have often heard many words like this that I have lost count. The truth is that many people who believe in these words are still in the same financial position year after year. Even though I have seen some individuals go from poverty to wealth quickly by utilizing faith, creativity and hard work, the Scripture regarding wealth transfer implies that it takes several generations. Hence, it usually entails parents instilling practical life skills and biblical discipleship into the next generation, imparting money management skills and life principles that result in a wealth transfer from the wicked to the seed of the righteous (Prov. 13:22).

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2. A great revival is about to take place. For many years, prophetic words have been used, promising an imminent revival that will shift the nation. Words like these tickle the ears of vast prophetic adherents but have yet to come to pass despite many local outbreaks that have come and gone through the years. Also, many local church pastors have told me that a prophet came to their church and said their church would be the center of a great revival in their city. However, in every city I visited, I met a pastor with the same word. Even within the same city, multiple pastors received the exact word about their local church.

Can a prophetic word predict a revival? Of course! However, pastors should not build their entire ministries upon these prophetic words.

3. All your adversaries shall come, bow down and repent to you. Some iterations of Isaiah 60:14 have been given numerous times to multitudes through the years regarding a promise of adversaries repenting to them. However, these kinds of words are conditional and do not come to pass without a Christian exhibiting humility, brokenness, forgiveness and unconditional love toward those who hate them (Matt. 5:44-45).

4. This is the season of your elevation. I have heard this kind of word spoken over people online and in some conferences too often. However, walking in Christlike humility is always the conditional precursor to God lifting a person up whether they receive a prophetic word or not. The written word promises this for those who live for the glory of God (1 Pet. 5:6).

5. God is sending you to the nations. I have heard this prophetic word spoken over people more often than any other word on this list. What does this mean? Since all the nations have come to major cities like NYC, believers no longer have to cross an ocean to minister to the nations. Unfortunately, traveling prophets often give words like this to people, resulting in them becoming distracted from serving and committed locally to their own congregation. They are always looking to leave to fulfill that prophetic word rather than stay home to make a difference. Can a word like this be legitimate? Of course. However, I wish more prophetic people would give words that help build up the local church rather than prophetically sending all gifted people out of their church.

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6. Using a New Year’s rhyme to prophetically predict what’s to come. In late 2019, I heard prophets say things like, “2020 will be the year of 20/20 vision,” essentially a year when there will be an acute level of prophetic accuracy. However, it may have been the year with the most inaccurate prophetic declarations as virtually few, if any, foresaw the looming global pandemic and the failure of Trump to get reelected.

Another word I heard in late 2019 was that 2020 would begin the so-called Roaring ’20s, when the power of God and great revivals would break out. Thus far, nothing implied in this prophetic rhyme has occurred nationally except perhaps in some local areas in North America and beyond.

Furthermore, before 2024, I’m sure there were words such as “There will be an open door in 2024,” and in the coming years, there may be prophetic declarations like “You’re gonna thrive in 2025” or “Everything will be fixed in 2026” or “2027 will be an open heaven ….” You get the picture. It’s almost as if these so-called prophets think God depends upon man-made calendars to shift His actions or focus.

7. Hebrew calendar usage. Many popular prophetic people use the Hebrew calendar or alphabet to predict what is to come. Unfortunately, most of these words (sometimes interspersed with symbolic visions and dreams) are so complicated that very few people understand the totality of what’s being communicated, which makes it challenging to edify the church (1 Cor. 14:3, 11-12). Furthermore, this utilization of the Hebrew calendar can sometimes be considered by some to be a form of Kabala, which is Jewish mysticism.

I have no issue with people attempting to understand the importance of certain times of the year corresponding with a Jewish feast in Scripture (the Feast of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, Passover and Pentecost, to name a few). My point here is that we must be careful with prophetic words that are so mystical that they are either too difficult to interpret or can be interpreted in numerous ways. {eoa}

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