5 Steps to Restore and Heal the Soul of America

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Nadia Schult

In May of 2019, I gave a presentation on “Healing the Soul of a Nation.” That period proved to be the beginning of a long and hard road for the United States of America. When people unite as a nation, each person’s soul becomes one with the other in the land. What happens to one happens to all. America’s motto on its coins says it best: E pluribus unum. Essentially, this means the many become one. At once time, the many became one. Today’s America cannot make such a boast because the America that declared it no longer exists. Instead, its melting pot rages and fumes at its very existence.

On a recent episode of Taking It On , I anatomized the soul. As a soulologist, I view and touch the soul the way its Maker created it. So, what will it take to heal our nation’s soul?

— The first thing is to define the America of today. Until then, treating its soul is dubious at best. As with any entity, a household, city, company or nation, it all begins with the leaders, the thinkers, social engineers, solutionists and visionaries.

— Next is to identify the changers committed to America’s healing and restoration. Leaders who conceive change hold the power to achieve it by begetting change agents. If leadership is from head down, then so are people’s answers and solutions. America’s leaders must take the lead, but this is tricky because America must first find the leaders who want it healed, not the ones laboring for its failure. They see its downfall as its healing. Should these first two considerations be undertaken, next are the destroyers and destabilizers. They are to be rooted out to overturn the schemes and tactics sickening the nation’s soul and perforating the land state by state.

— Next is the manipulated anger, riotous rages and anarchy that must be replaced with mediation, arbitration and peacemaking. These are being used to voice dissents and must replace violence and destruction. Given today’s motivational climate, some type of incentive may be needed to induce dissenters to come to the table instead of taking to the streets.

— Another issue is the relentless cry for government, law enforcement and judicial reforms. As far as I have read, strenuous efforts have been initiated to do just that. Police officers and other public officials’ training have significantly increased. A recent law enforcement reconciliation panel I participated in showed this. Laws are being revisited and obsoleted, some explosive ones repealed. Courts are taking up the change and repair mandate. The mayhem fanned throughout the land notwithstanding, authorities on both sides want to change. The problem is not everyone wants a healed America, and those who do not must be outvoiced and outmaneuvered.

— Finally, officials and authority reforms are good, and surely the uprisings we see make them critical. But the problem does not just lay with the authorities. The citizens too have a duty and contribution to the country’s healing balm. Government and police reform have to include civil reform to work. Citizens must be brought face to face with themselves and take responsibility for the means they choose to air their views and provoke change. Those who stoke the flames of unrest should be discovered and converted to peace, especially African Americans whose first response tends to be rage and rampage. Dignity and diplomacy have to replace destruction if America is going to heal and survive its much-needed change.

Listen to this episode of Taking It On with Dr. Paula Price on the Charisma Podcast Network to hear more about this important topic today. {eoa}

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