Pat Robertson Offers Dire Prophetic Word for 2011

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Jennifer LeClaire

Pat Robertson Offers Dire Prophetic Word for 2011

Undaunted by criticism over past prophetic utterances, Pat Robertson is once again sharing what he believes the Lord has spoken to him for 2011.

Before sharing the prophetic word on CBN, Robertson explained that sometimes his prophetic inspiration is “so spot on its frightening,” while other times he has put things out tentatively to see if it is what the Lord has. He made it clear that he is no psychic, but that sometimes God graciously gives him direction.

With that preface, here is some of what Robertson shared on a TV interview with Terry Meeuwsen about the Lord’s thoughts for 2011:

“Your country is in grave peril. The leaders have hearkened to the demands of interest groups and have led your nation into bankruptcy. In two years will come a time of reckoning”—it’s not now, but it’s gonna be two years from now. “Your creditors will demand payment and there will not be enough to satisfy their claims. Your currency will shrink in value, your bonds will lose value, people on fixed incomes will suffer, unemployment will escalate, and there will be turmoil.”

And God says, “I will protect My people,” but He says, “Warn them now about what is coming—tell them to get out of debt and restrict purchases NOW.” Because you know, if you own your house and you have whatever you have and there’s no debt against it, you get to keep it regardless of what happens. But if you have debt against it, you lose.

Well the Lord said, “My glory will shine throughout the earth. Everywhere men will be seeking solutions to their problems. Many will turn to Me, many will curse and revile Me. There’s going to be a division coming up,”—it already is, but it’ll be worse. “It will not be a time of happiness. Bitter recriminations, revolutions, increasing turmoil. In the midst of that, CBN will prosper, Regent will prosper, the ACLJ will be needed as never before.”

The word was in 2012 the man who is going to be elected president, will preside over quote, “an impoverished nation”—it’s hard to believe that could happen, but it can quickly.

Robertson went on to say that he doesn’t think America’s fate is set in stone, but that this will happen if the nation keeps heading in its current direction.

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