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While many Christians have dismissed
Harold Camping’s predictions of the May 21 Judgment Day businesses
across the country are profiting off of those who believe the rapture
is near.

Although this isn’t the first time
Camping has said the end of the world is near (he said the same thing
in 1994), and others have made false predictions in the past, many
have begun making arrangements for their pets, setting up
notifications for their non-raptured family members and stocking up
on insurance.

These businesses are not new, but many
have gained recent attention since Camping’s predictions have made
the news.

Pets is just one that’s looking to make money off those who believe
Judgment Day is imminent. The business, run by sworn atheists, has
259 clients who have paid $135 for the first pet and $20 for
each additional pet at the same address, NYDailyNews
reports. For that fee, crews will rescue and care for the amount of
pets paid for in the event of the rapture, as long as it occurs
within 10 years of payment.

saw dollar signs, because no one has more pets per capita and more
rapture-believing Christians than the good old U.S.A.,” Bart Centre
said in a Los
Angeles Times


to the article, Centre said he bumped up the price from $110 to $135
because the business’ inquiries have increased in the recent months
due to Camping’s May 21 predictions.

The Los Angeles Times also reports that
43-year-old Natalie Jones paid $14.95 last year to have a website
called You’ve Been Left Behind send letters to her nonbelieving loved
ones if the rapture takes her away.

“I’m the only
Christian in my family, so what I really have to achieve is to warn
them about everything, but they just think I’m crazy,” Jones told
the Times.

Even the insurance
industry is getting in on the profit. According to Property Casualty
360’s website, property-casualty coverage sales should be through the
roof, “considering the accidents and other disasters that will
inevitably happen when the Chosen are snatched from behind the

One eBay user is
hoping to make some money off those who are worried about leaving
behind their loved ones. The listing offers $100,000 Rapture
Insurance for $19.99 (free shipping).

“Don’t be caught off guard and leave
your family high and dry without a way to survive when you are taken
to Heaven. Prepare for this magical day and take care of your
family,” the listing says.

The seller offers to email a copy of
the plan to a family member and asks buyers to include the email of a
family member they are certain will not be raptured, with their
Paypal payment.

While most of these rapture-related
business deals are geared toward Christians who believe Judgment Day
is near, one smartphone app is aimed at people who are unsure of
their fate shall May 21 really turn out to be the end.

The website Mobiledia reports that
“Rapture Detector” tells users that “sin, lust and fornication
can be yours again!” because the app will give a warning a half
hour before the supposed rapture, allowing enough time to repent and
be saved.

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