Prophetic Insight

  • Awake: The Light Has Come

    Isaiah 8:1-9:21 As we continue to think of our Jewish brethren during these High Holy Days, we only have to wonder how they have missed seeing the Messiah clearly presented in their prophets, the psalms and even the Pentateuch. The only explanation is what Paul speaks clearly about in Romans. The Jewish people have a…

  • The Jew Seek a Sign

    1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5 When we went to Russia to be intercessors for a music festival in St. Petersburg, we heard many testimonies of Jewish people. As they shared how their lives had been changed when they received Yeshua (Jesus), these testimonies all had a common theme. I do not recall hearing one testimony that did…

  • Taking the Pathetic Out of the Prophetic

    Taking the Pathetic Out of the Prophetic

    The misuse of prophecy has brought great embarrassment to the church. It’s time to clean up our act and apply biblical standards. Thirty years ago, prophetic ministry dramatically altered the course of my life. God sent a seasoned prophetic woman all the way from Israel to Dallas in order to have a three-minute telephone conversation

  • When God Is Silent During Difficult Times

    When God Is Silent During Difficult Times

    I have a word for all of us living through the global challenges of the 21st century and in particular for those who on a personal level are facing what you would call the worst day of your life: Everything is going to be all right. I believe that. … I believe it because it

  • Fight Fear With Creative Success

    There is one word that defines the emotions of huge numbers of people today -fear! An associate recently told me the story of a man who came into his office. The man’s knuckles were white as he held a few dollar bills in his hand. He was filled with fear of losing the last of

  • God Is Shaking the Church

    The rumbling we hear will continue until all we see is Him.

  • Confrontation and Cleansing

    A year of humuliation has brought us to a moment of truth.

  • No More Baal Worship

    What has happened to holiness in our churches? In the days of ancient Israel’s apostasy, children were sacrificed to appease the false god Baal in the hope that crops would be blessed. Others were sacrificed to the idol to purge the guilt of sexual sin. I can’t fathom how mothers and fathers could watch Baal’s

  • What the Spirit Is Saying

    What the Spirit Is Saying

    There is a new holiness movement coming to the church.

  • Looking Forward to 2008

    We must not allow fear, unbelief or doubt to stop us.

  • 8 Keys for Holding Onto Your Prophetic Word During Times of Adversity

    8 Keys for Holding Onto Your Prophetic Word During Times of Adversity

    You must press through difficult places to reach your destiny. During this season, many of God’s people are standing in a place of great adversity. But the Lord says that you should not fear or run from it. Rather, you should run into the adversity. If you run into it, you will see a greater

  • It’s Time to Wake Up

    Many in the church have fallen asleep and lost their high seats of authority.

  • Renewing a Call to Pray

    It is time to rally the troops and seek God. This year is historic.

  • Get Ready to Serve

    Our cup is running over, and God is about to use us to offer it to stangers.

  • How to Stay Humble in Prophetic Ministry

    How to Stay Humble in Prophetic Ministry

    Maintaining an attitude of humility is essential in the prophetic ministry. Otherwise, elitism creeps in and grows up to characterize prophetic individuals and groups. Experiencing supernatural revelation can be “heady wine,” and people too often begin to think of themselves more highly than they ought after having drunk it over a period of time. A

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