How David Lane’s Strategy in North Carolina Can be Used to Mobilize Pastors in Other States

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Stephen Strang

In a time when society seems to be drifting away from its Judeo-Christian roots, one man has been on a mission to ignite a change. David Lane, a passionate motivator and political strategist, has been successful in rallying pastors and believers to actively engage in the political arena. He’s a prominent figure known for inspiring Christians, especially pastors, to step out of their comfort zones and actively participate in the political realm.

With a vision to bring America back to its Judeo-Christian roots, he believes that Christians have a responsibility to stand for their values and make a difference in the public square. I’ve admired David since we met in 2007 and we’ve worked together in various ways.

Lane has worked with pastors all over the country for the past two decades. But a new strategy in North Carolina has had so much success I invited him to share his story on my Strang Report podcast He told me about his efforts to help Mark Robinson, who was the first African American lieutenant governor in the state. During his time in office, Lane had the privilege of meeting with Robinson, who profoundly described the spiritual element of warfare taking place in politics.

Robinson told Lane he thought he was being elected to political office, but instead he “walked right into the middle of spiritual warfare.”

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That statement gave Lane the idea to conduct 10 events with Robinson, with pastors and other spiritual leaders to get 20 to 30 of those leaders engaged and running for a local government position. In total, Lane conducted 13 events with 2,700 pastors and spiritual leaders. In 2022, 50 pastors and spiritual leaders ran for North Carolina office, with 10 officially winning office.

People are hungry to see those with Christian morals and values in political office. Currently, our world has been flipped upside-down and we’re seeing the repercussions of taking God out of the public square. It’s this need to see Christians in office that is driving the momentum for Lane’s efforts.

“We got another round of pastor events, that if the Lord does it, my goal is 50 different additional pastors and spiritual leaders running for local office across the state of North Carolina in 2024,” Lane said.

While many are hesitant and fear backlash for sharing their political views, Lane believes every single church should have someone from it running for office in 2024 to ensure the preservation of our nation.

“If we’re going to save America, if we’re going to survive for my kids and your kids, and our grand-kids, every church in America has to have a pastor, an elder, a deacon or a congregant running for local office in 2024, 2026, 2028 and thereafter,” Lane said. “We’re going to move Jesus’ ekklesia into the public square of America.”

I agree with Lane. If we want to uproot the darkness we’re seeing in our world, it will require Christians to take a stand not only behind the pulpit, but also from the politician’s seat. If we want to not only survive but thrive in our world, it will take the power of the Holy Spirit guiding Christians to be bold and walk into spots that otherwise would be uncomfortable for us.

“Solomon said in Proverbs 22:29, ‘Do you see a man’s field in his work? He’ll stand before kings. He won’t stand before obscure men,'” Lane says “Proverbs presupposes that you and I are going to be loaded, located in the public square number one. Number two, Jesus said in Matthew 16:18 to Peter, ‘Upon this rock I will build my ekklesia.’ He didn’t say church. Ekklesia. And the gates of hell won’t stand against it.” {eoa}

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