Pastor John Amanchukwu Exposes Public School Dangers, the Problems with Critical Race Theory

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Stephen Strang

Pastor John Amanchukwu is a bold and brilliant man of God who is speaking up in the culture wars and getting millions of hits on his videos. A pastor in the Church of God in Christ, he is confronting our upside-down world. As a child he saw what it looks like to live meagerly, and what the power of hard work can do. He’s an author, a speaker and an activist against the most heinous pollutants of American culture today, including Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the sexualization of children. My previous conversation with him was so good, I invited him to join me again on my podcast.

Amanchukwu is insightful, and something he was able to point out about CRT is the anger and revenge rooted in the movement.

“The part that sticks out to me the most is that CRT…is a vengeance study,” Amanchukwu said. “It’s a grievance study. Scripture says that ‘vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord. What is right, I will repay.’ But through CRT, and through this new wave of racism, it’s tantamount to Blacks and white liberals who exploit the emotions of Blacks. They use us as puppets and dangle us, and they know how to keep us on the liberal plantation by keeping us mad about past atrocities.”

Amanchukwu acknowledges the horrific actions of what happened to the African American community through slavery and Jim Crow, while also illuminating the bigger picture that as long as sin is in the world, we can be sure to see its effects. However, Christians must not give in to the pressure to live in past hurts.

“When we look at Scripture, we see that we’re called to love our neighbors as ourselves, the answer to this new age resurgence of racism,” Amanchukwu says. “Racism will never be done away with in the first place until Christ returns. Because racism is not a skin tone or a color; racism is a sin…we need to speak against this vengeance mentality. We need to remind people that, yes, we are given different shades of skin tone, but we’re still one in Christ.”

Amanchukwu also pointed out the blatant hypocrisy of the left, discussing their view that African Americans cannot and are not allowed to be conservative.

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“If you become a Black conservative, then you lose a lot of support in general, you know, because Blacks are supposed to vote one way. And so, I’m for destroying that whole framework,” Amanchukwu says.

Amanchukwu not only spoke into the issues with CRT being pushed on our culture, and especially the younger generations, but he also shared about his experience of standing up to his local school board for the pornographic book sitting on shelves in school libraries for children to check out. The video of him reading the contents of the book at the school board is shocking and unbelievable. It truly shows that we are in an upside-down world that requires us to walk with the Holy Spirit. It’s one of the reasons I’ve written my new book, “Spirit-Led Living in an Upside-Down World.”

It was interesting to watch this video because the school board didn’t even want Amanchukwu to read from the same book that they allow children to pick up and check out. In fact, they demanded that he stop because of how graphic and disgusting it was. It’s issues like these that parents cannot back down from for the sake of their children and the children who have no one else to advocate on their behalf.

“It’s going to take, number one, parents understanding that you do not co-parent with the government,” Amanchukwu says. “We need both parents actively involved in engaging in the educational process of their children.”

Amanchukwu had so many wonderful insights on our cultural climate today and how we can be a voice of truth in a dark world. I encourage you to watch part one here and then discover the rest of what he had to say in the second part of our interview here.

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