Mario Murillo Compares America Now to Israel on Mount Carmel

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Steve Strang

America stands in a crucial moment, much like the moment where Elijah made Israel choose between Baal and Jehovah. Elijah said to the people, “How long do you halt between two opinions? If Baal is God…”

That’s according to Evangelist Mario Murillo, whose ministry goes back to Resurrection City in Berkeley, California, in the late 1960s and 1970s and who today preaches at huge tent revivals and appears on FlashPoint on the Victory Network.

In a recent podcast of the Strang Report, Mario and I talked about the significance in Elijah saying, “If Baal is God.”

“They hadn’t established that Baal was God, but they were saying he was,” says Murillo. Then Elijah accuses other Israelites of saying Jehovah was God, but not acting like it.

“That’s America right now,” says Murillo. “We have woke [ideology], but it’s unproven, and they don’t want to test [it].”

Murillo gave me multiple examples. When Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked, “What is a woman,” she said, “I’m not a biologist.” When scientists find facts that would alter the official narrative about global warming, they’re pushed under the rug. When critics ask for data on Critical Race Theory, the data actually undermines CRT’s arguments. Murillo also talks about how the vaccine was mandated without being thoroughly tested and about how Jen Psaki claimed that there’s no data to show the LGBTQ agenda is bad for children.

“You listen to the left, and a lot of what they say, they never back it up. They just make pronouncements,” Murillo says. “The left suddenly faces the fact that … very few people are buying it anymore.”

On the other hand, Murillo says that the church in America is “lukewarm” and we haven’t proven that God is God. Murillo then quotes Elijah, “If God is God, then let Him answer by fire, but don’t halt between two opinions.” Murillo parallels this moment with America by saying, “America is up for grabs, and this is the time for the spirit of Elijah to arise in the body of Christ.”

Just like Elijah, Murillo is praying that God would show us that He is God of the United States. According to Murillo though, God showing Himself as real doesn’t necessarily mean happy days are just ahead for our nation. Right after God sent fire, the prophets of Baal were killed by the people of Israel, and Elijah felt lonely, abandoned and depressed.

“Someone asked me, ‘Is God gonna save America?’ I said, ‘Yes. He is, but that’s not all good news,'” Murillo explains. “You have to understand the extremes that God is willing to go through in order to save this country.”

Murillo says that God will diminish our national prestige to wreck us if necessary. And like the church did to certain members in 1 Corinthians 5:5, our nation might have to be turned over to Satan so that we might be saved in the day of judgment.

“God is exposing corruption, both within the church and within the government,” says Murillo. He notes that the judgment is even happening in the private sector. Disney’s stock has dropped dramatically. And CNN+ folded after it could only get 10,000 subscribers.

“They lost hundreds of millions of dollars because the appetite for this angry and perverted and uber leftist philosophy is gone,” he says. “The church has to see it’s moment right now. It’s our turn.”

Mario is finishing a book called It’s Our Turn that my company will publish that releases later this year, and I was having breakfast with him to talk about the book. When he began talking about Elijah I realized it would interest my listeners and quickly turned on the recording on my phone. It’s not the best audio quality but it’s powerful.

We posted this podcast in late April with no promotion and it already has almost 22,000 downloads. It is worth listening to and sharing with friends.

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