Jonathan Cahn Reveals the End-Times Mystery of Israel and Hamas

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Stephen Strang

When it comes to unlocking ancient mysteries in our day, there is no one better than Jonathan Cahn. Not only is he an eight-time “New York Times” bestselling author, but he also is greatly in tune with what the Holy Spirit is revealing to him about the events happening in our current time.

One of Jonathan’s recent videos that highlighted the Israel-Hamas conflict profoundly showcased the reality of what is happening at a spiritual level. The video is so good that I wanted to share the main points of this content with you, my readers.

“Is there anything behind it?” Cahn asks. “There is something ancient; the city of Gaza and the Gaza Strip are in the Bible. Who lived there? The Philistines lived there. They particularly dwelt by the sea, the western coast of the land of Israel. Much of their headquarters match up with the Gaza Strip and its surroundings.”

“The Gaza Strip was the headquarters of the enemies of Israel in ancient times, so what we are witnessing in the news is part of an ancient war,” he adds. “In ancient times, the Philistines launched attacks on the people of Israel. They plotted invasions, they carried out death and destruction from the Gaza Strip, so what happened again—they’re replaying an ancient war.”

This powerful revelation is just one of many that Cahn unveils in this ground-shaking new video. It also unpacks the mysteries he explains in his latest book, “The Josiah Manifesto.” I believe this particular book is his best so far.

Cahn went on to explain how indoctrination against the people of Israel doesn’t just lie with Hamas; instead, there is a pro-Palestinian agenda permeating the world, including in America at our universities and to our children.

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“Jew hatred, like evil, is a sickness,” Cahn says. “It transcends politics, the Left or the Right.”

Cahn also warns that what is happening right now points to something bigger that could interfere not only with Israel, but could also reveal something bigger going on in the West.

“If they can shed the blood of the innocent in Israel, then they can shed the blood of the innocent in America or the West,” Cahn says.

Cahn warns that the same demonic spirits that were working during the 9/11 attacks are the same ones behind the despicable acts happening today in Israel. He points to Psalm 55 from the One-Year Bible as a key from his first bestseller “The Harbinger” to explain what we are seeing unfold today.

“The psalm appointed for 9/11 was Psalm 55,” Cahn says. “And it’s striking because Psalm 55 also speaks of an attack by an enemy that has the word ‘terror’ in it and ‘death.’

“See, when it says I’ve seen violence and conflict in the city, the word ‘violence’ in the original language, the Hebrew, has more than meets the eye,” he explains. “It’s a word that exists both in Hebrew and in Arabic … the actual ancient Hebrew word is the word ‘Hamas.””

This revelation is not one that I’ve heard or seen in the secular media, and I don’t expect it to be something they report on, either. These same outlets are not likely to report the truth behind what’s happening right now, the violence that goes all the way back to ancient times. However, by the power of the Holy Spirit, God is revealing the truth to good, honorable men like Jonathan Cahn—what is happening and what we can expect to see in the future.

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