Jonathan Cahn Provides the Blueprint for the End Times in ‘The Josiah Manifesto’

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Stephen Strang

Jonathan Cahn’s new book The Josiah Manifesto, like all his books, contains a mystery but also a key, a blueprint and an answer to what Christians must do to stand and prevail in the current environment in the days ahead.

First, a disclaimer: I’m Cahn’s publisher (and loyal reader) so I’m not entirely objective. I was among the first to read The Harbinger back in 2011 and I’ve read each new book’s manuscript when it came in. To me, each is better than the one before. I personally didn’t think he could top The Return of the Gods which drew the attention of Glenn Beck and many others outside the normal group of Cahn fans. But he did it. This one is even better.

And apparently a lot of people agree. The book ended up as #9 of all books sold on Amazon.com on its release date, Sept. 5. It was #1 in three categories: Christian social issues, Christian eschatology and Christian spiritual warfare.

But this is more than just one more best-selling book. It is a guide for the end times. Not only does he talk about how bad things are, but he gives solutions based on King Josiah, the one who turned Israel from the worship of pagan gods back to the true God. Were it not for Josiah, Judaism would have ceased to exist and there would have been no Messiah.

I talked to Cahn about these things on my Strang Report podcast recently. He’s been doing major national media but he fit in time to talk about the book. I urge you to watch it here. I told him I was especially impressed with how he discovered the connection between the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett and the day of The Return, which was a phenomenal event Cahn led to direct the nation back to God and away from sin. What unfolded that day wasn’t just an outpouring of the Spirit, but it was part of God’s supernatural plan. In fact, Cahn discusses this event in great detail in The Josiah Manifesto.

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“Now it turned out that President Trump had to nominate the next Supreme Court justice,” Cahn says. “This is the most crucial because Amy Barrett was going to be the vote that basically is going to overturn Roe vs. Wade, is all set in motion.”

What I find amazing is that what transpired on the National Mall that day was just the beginning of the 50 years of abortion’s reign on our nation coming to an end. Cahn says that this moment was part of the Lord’s perfect timing.

“As we were on the mall, praying and re-praying for God to overturn abortion and repenting, all that, and the president was beginning setting in motion the overturning of abortion. But it went even more because I was led at five o’clock on that day to seal it all with a sounding of the trumpets,” Cahn says.

“It was in this moment that the president shared his nomination pick for the Supreme Court. I was there on the mall and I remember the shofar blast. Of course, those of us on the Mall vaguely knew that Trump was going to announce his nominee. But it’s amazing to see how God was in the middle of the events of that day to bring a pathway to redemption.

“There was a decree in the book of Esther that was going to bring death and destruction,” Cahn says. “And the thing is that it was linked to a date, adar 13. Adar 13 is the 13th day of 12th month. So the 13th day of the 12th month is linked to a decree to bring death and destruction. Roe vs. Wade was heard on Dec. 13, 1971. That means it was heard on the 13th day of the 12th month, the day of the evil decree.”

Just as Cahn explained that the time of death and destruction was in its essence prophetic, so was the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

“If you go further in the book of Esther, another decree is issued and it actually undoes Haman’s decree. It’s a decree of nullifying the decree of death and destruction. It was issued forth on the Hebrew day of Sivan 23. Well, there was another court case called Dobbs vs. Jackson which would actually end up overturning Roe v. Wade the day it went forward to the Supreme Court was June 15th of 2020. But on that Bible’s calendar it was Sivan 23, the day of the decree that nullifies the evil decree.”

Cahn powerfully unlocks this prophetic mystery that unfolded in front of our eyes and so many others while providing a spectacular guide for the end times in The Josiah Manifesto. You can find this latest blockbuster book anywhere books are sold or online at BooksbyJonathanCahn.com or on Amazon.com.

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