How the FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago Is Spiritual Warfare

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Stephen Strang

It’s been a few days since the FBI raided President Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago, and the Biden Administration has yet to explain to the American people why they did what’s never been done in American history—the government raiding the home of a former president. In my opinion, this is not just about politics, but spiritual warfare against Trump and the nation.

Those working in the highest institutions of our government are trying to get rid of Trump before the 2024 election, making it impossible for him to run. But it seems to be backfiring.

Many conservative leaders and Christians are becoming more vocal in their support for Trump following the raid, because of this travesty to justice. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre admitted, “the president and the White House learned about this FBI search from public reports.”

Nothing of this magnitude should ever happen without the commander-in-chief knowing and approving it, and that has become clear to everyone on the left and right. Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo—a well-known vocal Trump critic—even spoke out against the raid saying, “DOJ must immediately explain the reason for its raid & it must be more than a search for inconsequential archives or it will be viewed as a political tactic.”

“Never in my lifetime did I think I would see an American law enforcement agency be run and weaponized like the FBI this evening. This is a frightening development in our modern political arena. This is the way of Mao and Castro, not Washington and Lincoln,” former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and neurosurgeon Ben Carson tweeted.

In the past, when a president had classified documents that needed to go to archivists, they were subpoenaed, not captured by raid with guns drawn. So how do we understand this from a spiritual perspective?

I believe God raised up Donald Trump and there is warfare going on—satanic activity that is trying to tear down the fabric of this country. This is not a new theory. I’ve interviewed Trump and written four books on him and the spiritual significance of what’s happening in our nation. The Bible says that our war is not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities in the air. Americans who are concerned about religious freedom and the threat of communist agendas to this country need to stand up and voice their support for President Trump.

As I’ve said in my books and on secular television interviews, I believe that in the early 2000’s something happened to Trump spiritually. Sure, he was a real estate mogul in New York City and you’ve got to be tough to make it far in that world. Despite his influence in real estate, he was awakened to what was happening in America. I believe that in the same era, he was sensitive to the Lord.

In the private interview I had with Donald Trump, which I reference in my Aug. 11, 2022 episode of the Strang Report podcast, he came across as authentic in his faith in Jesus Christ, and I would argue the fruit of that was shown through his policy. I was impressed when I learned that charismatic and evangelical Christian leaders were coming together and laying hands on him in the Oval Office and in other settings.

Trump has been under spiritual attack since he announced that he was running for office. The Democratic Party has done everything they can to discredit Trump, for example through the hoax of Russia collusion. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton destroyed 30,000 emails that must have been incriminating, and Hunter Biden is on video receiving millions of dollars from Russia and China—yet nothing has happened to either of them.

Former President Trump did tremendous work for Christians during his time in office. He put Supreme Court justices in place that led to the overturning of Roe v. Wade and he moved the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

God has put each one of us here in America, and now is the time for Christians to no longer be passive and quiet. We need to take authority over the enemy. We are in a movement for righteousness to reclaim our country from the hands of the wicked.

What can each of us do? First, we can pray. As Spirit-led Christians, we can take authority over the enemy’s attacks against Trump and against all who share his values and indeed against our nation itself. Then we can speak up in our own circles of influence and on social media. The deep state is intent on eliminating Trump from the political landscape. We can let it be known it will fail. And we can vote in the midterm elections and send principled conservatives to Washington to push back on those who are weaponizing the Department of Justice and FBI to attack their political enemies.

It is like I heard Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) tell Sean Spicer on Newsmax this week: if they can do this to a former president, they can do it to any of us.

Be sure to share this article and podcast on social media or via email. Let’s do our part as Spirit-empowered Christians to turn back the tide and to make this go viral. And check out the books I’ve written on Trump at

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