Dr. Alveda King’s Urgent Message for Christians

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Stephen Strang

On Sept. 1 President Joe Biden took the stage in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and called MAGA Americans a “threat to democracy.” He emboldened Americans to join him in defending democracy against the millions of people who support President Donald Trump.

After listening to his harsh and divisive remarks I wondered, why speak in such inflammatory terms?

I believe Biden is worried about the potential threat Democrats face if they lose their power in the midterm elections. Now he is trying to grasp onto anything he can by sparking fear into the American people. If Republicans take over the government in the elections, it’s a direct threat to the Biden Administration’s plans.

The midterm elections are very important and I’m on a campaign to remind Christians to get out and vote. Many surveys have shown that many Bible-believing Christians never register to vote, and of those who do, many stay home thinking their vote makes no difference. It does make a difference. Many races will be close. Those who oppose our values are aggressive at turning out to vote. I’m hoping other Christian leaders will motivate people to vote.

Historically Republicans have wanted small and limited government and the Democrats have been more apt to do what Lyndon B. Johnson did, which is throw money at a problem.

To me, that is a difference in philosophy that you negotiate. Now, the Democratic party is taking on “wokeness,” and anyone who opposes any of their anti-Biblical rhetoric is called a threat.

In my recent ‘Strang Report’ podcast I interviewed evangelist and political activist Dr. Alveda King. In my interview she talks about being elected a state legislator in Georgia as a Democrat.

Dr. Alveda King is the niece of late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She has worked with Republicans and Democrats in a peaceful and constructive manner to see unity across the aisles.

As a MAGA supporter, she was alarmed to hear Biden’s remarks. “I’m just a mother, grandmother, Christian woman and I want unity and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans,” King says.

The main goal in politics is to serve the American people, so politicians who claim to care about the people they represent should work with politicians on the other side of the aisle to see momentum and progress happen across the country.

In our interview, King says she believes the Democratic Party is operating out of fear. “The only thing that can be done, because there is not real service being offered to the American people is to scare everybody, get everyone to be emotional and angry and then you won’t be able to think,” King says.

We live in a time where Americans are no longer coming together to have healthy debates and talk about the problems society is facing today. Instead, we are in the middle of a political war being fueled by hateful rhetoric.

“My uncle really did say we must learn to live together as brothers and sisters and not perish together as fools,” King says. King implores people to look to the Bible which tells Christians to be kind, loving and tender-hearted. She made the same point in an op-ed she wrote last week that you can read here.

When the President of the United States calls millions of Americans fascists so-to-speak, it sounds like a fear-based approach to trying to do well in the elections.

The midterm election is just six weeks away and Americans need to look at the issues on the table. When Critical Race Theory was trying to be taught in schools in Virginia, parents educated themselves and spoke out on the divisive agenda being pushed.

“Whether it’s for transgender surgeries for minor children, the issue of life, the issues on the border, we just need to begin to educate, inform and activate each other and tell the truth,” King says.

King says Christians need to pray, look at the issues at hand, not the personality of the person but whether they are a God-fearing man or woman. Now is not the time to be led by emotions, but by the Spirit of God to make decisions that are best for the country and reflect Biblical values.

We have to go to the polls. Overtime there have been numerous studies that show church goers often stay home on voting day. The people who oppose our values seem to be better at showing up at the polls to cast their votes. Don’t sit idly by, go out and make your vote known.

“It is acceptable for pastors, for leaders, to register people to vote at their churches or businesses. You can do a registration drive and encourage the people to vote,” King says.

Access early voting or vote on election day. If you are reading this article or listening to the podcast, share it and reach out to 10 people and ask them if they have registered to vote. Voting is a blessing and we should go out to vote with great faith.

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