Chuck Pierce Asks: Have We Inched Closer to the Day of Jesus’ Return?

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Stephen Strang

Chuck Pierce, whose prophetic insight I respect, has an interesting take on what’s happening in Israel.

He says God is separating the “chaff from the wheat” and identifying Israel’s enemies so He can deal with them.  It’s all a part of God’s plan for the end of time.

If you follow Pierce’s ministry you know the accuracy of the words he gets. In a recent podcast I reminded him that he was the first person I remember saying in the 1990s that China would be a real threat to America—and that’s when China was considered a third-world economy. So when Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7, I contacted him to see if he would share what he believes is happening.  

He says God is up to something big.  And it has to do with Hebrew covenants, not just the current Arab-Israeli conflict, which most would consider political.

“The whole Word of God is built around Shabbat firstfruits, and then the feast time, and the Lord did that to keep us in a harvest mentality. … And we’re seeing it always start with Israel …. And so we are right in God’s timing, perfect with this war,” Pierce says in our “Strang Report” interview, which you can watch here.

I still believe God has a plan for Israel, just as He did for Abraham and for the Savior of the world to come to us through His family line. Today Israel is a very small nation, but it’s a powerhouse economically. Israel has stood up against all the different countries in the Middle East, and they’ve been able to make peace with some of them. One of the issues we see is the suggestion that Hamas or Iran was motivated to stop this prosperity.

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Now it seems as though God is also doing something else. Through this shakeup, God Himself is preparing to battle Israel’s enemies.

“What you’re really looking at is Russia, Iran, Syria in alignment,” Pierce says. “I always go to Second Chronicles 20, where it says it was these three nations aligning as a confederation against Israel. … There’s always a confederation of enemies, a threefold cord that wants to stop God’s covenant plan from coming forth.”

Not only is God getting ready to demonstrate an outpouring of His defense for Israel, but he predicts this also is a time when the Lord will separate nations who obey Him from those who do not.

“This will be a year of great division because it’s a year of separating chaff from wheat,” Pierce prophesies. “This will be the year of sorting out the nations. God is going to be sorting out his goat nations [from] His sheep nations. And we as God’s people are going to have to keep a kingdom perspective.”

Our nation is at a crossroads, and it is critical that we align our hearts and minds with the plans and purposes of the Lord. Now is the moment to stand up for Israel and boldly share the gospel. One of the reasons I wrote my latest book, Spirit-Led Living in an Upside-Down World, is that we are going to start encountering more and more of these kinds of events as we inch closer to the return of Christ. To sign up for my newsletter or order my latest book, visit SteveStrangBooks.com.

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