‘Rogue Russia’ Prophecy Coming to Pass

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Jennifer LeClaire

On August 1, 2020, I prophesied about Russia becoming a rogue state. That prophecy, unfortunately, has come to pass.

Also known as an outlaw state, a rogue state is a nation or state regarded as breaking international law and posing a threat to the security of other nations. Essentially, rogue states threaten world peace.

Putin’s Russia certainly qualifies.

The term “rogue state” was reportedly coined under President George W. Bush’s government. His administration used it to describe aggressive states that threaten the U.S or its allies. The first five states to be officially classified as rogue states were North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Iraq and Libya.

In 2020, I was sharing about poisonings in Russia — a tactic the nation is still using even amid the war in Ukraine. After sharing about a horrific poisoning, I released a prophetic word that unfortunately came to pass. (Listen in to the podcast to hear the word here.)

Russia has made many unruly moves over the last decade, but Walter Russell Mead of the Hudson Institute recently wrote these words of Putin in The Wall Street Journal: “He has made himself an international outlaw and turned the great nation of Russia into a rogue state … It would have been easy to stop Putin 20 years or even a decade ago. Today it will require a much greater effort in a much darker world.”

European Union lawmakers are also calling Russia a rogue state. Even Russian celebrities and public figures are criticizing President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. And a group of Russian scientists has called the invasion “unfair and frankly meaningless.”

“By unleashing the war, Russia has condemned itself to international isolation and the position of a rogue state,” said the letter published on the TrV-Nauka scientific news website. “This means that we scientists will no longer be able to do our job properly …”

We should pray for the people of Russia, who did not ask for this war. Of course, the Russian propaganda machine is painting a much different picture of the conflict. Listen in and stay tuned for strategic prayer points. (Listen to the podcast.)

  • Pray that the international community will find the wisdom of God on how to rein in rogue Russia.
  • Pray for the people of Russia, that they would not be deceived by the pariah Putin.
  • Pray for a great awakening and revival in Russia that crowns Jesus as Lord.
  • Pray for the people of Ukraine, who are fighting for their freedom and their lives.
  • Pray for President Zelenskyy as he seeks strategies for peace amid war.
  • Pray for God to send angels to protect innocent civilians in Europe who are in the fray.

Keep praying the news. {eoa}

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