What the Lord Prophesied on New Year’s Eve

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This is not a light and fluffy or dreamy prophetic word being regurgitated by a timid minister who is trying to convince their congregants to think happy thoughts to disguise their own fear as they apprehensively move into the new year. Neither is it a positive, powerful word to trick listeners into believing that 2022 is going to be a year of great things—more prosperity and dreams come true—so they can gain more followers. That’s what happened before entering 2020 and 2021, and none of the fluffy, dreamy words even remotely came to pass.

The body of Christ doesn’t need to be placated or coddled any longer by cowardly ministers who can barely handle the truth themselves, much less dole it out to their followers. Believers need to be told the truth, the real truth. Lack of knowledge causes people to perish, but the truth sets people free.

I want the raw and real facts, not the fluff, so that I can be battle-ready, just as a soldier is for whatever may be ahead. I want words that cause courage to rise up in me and cause me to stand unshakeable and immovable in Christ while staring directly into the face of fear. God has commanded us to be strong and courageous (Josh. 1:9), not timid and afraid. Revelation 21:8 says cowards will be thrown into the lake of fire along with all the grossest and most evil sinners. So we need truthful words that will make us brave in this season.

Words of warning are not given to bring fear but to cause faith to rise. They are to bring clarity and instruction of the dangers that lurk ahead. Words like this come from a good, good Father who wants His children to be prayed for looming danger—what all good parents do out of love for their children. Good commanders prepare their soldiers with the facts of the enemy territory they are moving into to help keep them alive.

I pray that’s what you come away with after reading this powerful word, feeling prepared with instruction and emboldened with courage to respond wisely to pandemics and resist tyranny bravely—battle-ready and full of faith to move into 2022, no matter what it brings.

Words From the Lord for 2022

“I need you who are awake to fully comprehend the magnitude of importance and significance it is that you are fully awake. There are more, so many more, who are asleep. Therefore, your knowledge and insight should not be taken for granted or squandered.

“There are varying levels of knowledge and awareness right now among My people as to what is truly happening in and around the world, determined by to whom they have chosen to listen.

“A heartbreaking number of My beloved are living in oblivion, which has them politely and obediently cooperating with the enemy’s diabolical plan, not unlike what has been seen before in history.

“Then there are those who recognize something evil is happening in their nation and around the globe. Although they realize there is danger lurking around them, they feel helpless, lack full understanding or feel incapable of doing anything about it.

“Understand this, My dear ones who are awake: You, along with other small pockets of believers across the nation and around the globe, are not only awake and aware of what is happening and understand that you are not helpless to the evil that is behind it. But you have also been privileged to know how to respond to it and how to take action to resist it because you have chosen to listen to Me.”

The Lord continues with exhortation and instruction:

“While others are celebrating the new year in by intoxicating themselves and even living intoxicated in verifying degrees of denial in order to cope with the chaos of your day, it is vital that you who are awake stay sober-minded, vigilant, manning your posts in a posture of readiness and alertness, remaining attentive to the sound of My voice—listening for the clarion call that I will release in the Spirit when it is time for My next move to begin.

“Pray with deep gratitude and the same level of ferocity in which you pray for the lost, the asleep, boldness for Christian leaders, revival in the church and reformation in your nation. For it is through worship and thanksgiving that you will remain steadfast, hear clearly My instructions and obey with a heart full of hope.

“Take heed, for the next 21 days, I am releasing My favor and opening the heavens to those who are awake—to pray, declare, decree, bind and loose as the Holy Spirit leads for whatever bubbles up out of you to ask, and it will be granted. So pray earnestly and pray wisely, as openings like this come rarely and will end as abruptly as they began.”

The Lord continues with warnings:

“In order for you as My awakened ones to pray according to My will for this season, you need to also fully comprehend the season that you are in. Some call what is going on in the nation and around the world a pandemic; some call it a progressive, socialistic/communist takeover; others fault it as critical race theory, BLM or cancel culture rhetoric.

“There are those who say it is power play for a world takeover under a one-world order. Others call it a color revolution. There is a scheme behind all the plays on words to keep the world in confusion and disillusionment. Understand that all those descriptions are not inaccurate; they are all going on simultaneously as part of a larger diabolical, scheme. However, what the world is truly experiencing right now is a ‘spiritual holocaust’ like none history has ever known.”

The Lord showed me a vision of a concentration camp back in 2013 and said at that time, we were moving into a spiritual holocaust. The COVID camps being erected around the globe, similar to the one that has been photographed recently, looked exactly like the one I saw in my vision. I believe these are a prophetic sign that we are no longer moving into a spiritual holocaust; we are now in one.

The Lord continues:

“The powerless pulpits from the last 50 years created a vortex of unbelief and false belief into which people could be sucked, allowing capture and imprisonment to be a simple process, just as it was for the Jews.”

I looked up the meaning of “holocaust,” and here’s what I found:

— Mass destruction, especially by fire or heat; the annihilation and systematic extermination of a race or specific people group, genocide.

— The final solution for ridding the world of a certain nationality or religion.

— The word “holocaust” is derived from the Greek word holokauston, a translation of the Hebrew word ʿolah, meaning a burnt sacrifice offered whole to God.

Continuing with the word from the Lord:

“If you are alive and awake in this time in history, you are marked for this mission. You are a part of My end-time army; you will be My rescue party. You will be held accountable for what you know; therefore, it has now become your duty to co-labor with Me to deliver My people once again. No one will receive discharge papers from this fight.

“Since the pulpits have all but gone out, I need My awakened ones to burn with truth, spreading it like wildfires wherever you go.

“This will be a spiritual battle likened to a third world war that will coincide with a third great awakening, as it is going to require a war to set captives free from the camps and end the spiritual holocaust.

“The next 21 days will be critical in setting the stage for the battles that will be fought and won in 2022. Gather on Day 22 to give thanks for the victories that took place or set in motion, because my awakened ones prayed as one.” {eoa}

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