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Don Finto


Egypt is in transition. President Hosni Mubarak stepped
down, clearing the way for the armed forces to restore order and shepherd a
transition to civilian rule in the September elections. An Open Doors source in
the area says the reaction by Egyptian Christians to his resignation is mixed,
and it is unclear how the resignation will affect the country’s 10 million
minority Christians. A spokesperson with Voice of the Martyrs says Egypt’s
military doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to Christians.
There is still much communication going on—e-mails, phone calls, facebooking,
tweeting, blogging, and perhaps also an increase in Bible reading, as we try to
discern the course Egypt will take and how it will affect the world.

There are at least three Scripture passages that will
ultimately come to bear on Egypt:

Psalm 83 mentions a configuration of
nations, Egypt conspicuously absent, who come against Israel. The psalmist
vigorously implores God to intervene on Israel’s behalf. Some believe this is a
coalition of nations that is yet to come. Could Egypt come out of the present
conflict with their treaty with Israel still intact even while other nations
war against her? It’s possible, though not likely.

Zechariah 12 and Zechariah 14 describe a time yet to
come when all the nations of the world turn against Israel. Including Egypt?
Obviously. The United States? Zechariah says “all the nations.” Has
the escalated distress/tribulation that is to engulf the whole world (see Matt. 24:21 and Dan. 12:1) already
happened before all the nations come against Israel? It seems so, since
Jesus said that the coming of the Lord and the gathering of the elect would
come immediately after the distress/tribulation of those days (see Matt. 24:29-31), and Zechariah
describes “all the nations” against Israel as the event that will
trigger the return of the Lord to rule as king over the whole earth. Are we at
this point? No, but the events in the Middle East and the growing world
anti-Semitism are bringing us ever closer to that time.

There is a much more encouraging Scripture that has often
been ignored as we ponder the events in the Middle East. Isaiah looked forward
to a time when Egypt, along with Assyria (today’s Iraq and other parts of the
Middle East), would become a blessing in the whole world (see Is. 19:19-25).

Has this
Isaiah-depicted scene ever happened? No. Is it therefore yet to come? Yes. Is
this a picture of these nations during the millennium? Probably. But could it
possibly describe some strange phenomenon that will happen before the Lord’s
return? Possibly. Why not let this be our prayer? Could this not be the
most God-honoring outcome of the present conflict?

Lord, work a miracle in the Middle East. Turn the hearts
of “Assyria” and Egypt to you even in our day. Let there be a
spontaneous revival that bursts forth on the Middle East and changes the whole
landscape of Israel and Israel’s neighbors.

 Bring Jewish people to acknowledge their own Messiah
Yeshua, according to Isaiah’s prediction (
Is. 6:8-13) and Your own
prediction of
Matt. 23:39.
Bring the surrounding nations to embrace those “greater riches” that
would be released into the world when Israel comes into her

 We acknowledge You, Yeshua, as king of the whole world,
even though the world as a whole does not yet recognize You. Amen.

About the author: Don Finto is the founder of The Caleb Company (calebcompany.com),
a prophetic fathering ministry named after Israel’s fearless warrior
whom the Bible describes as a man with a “different spirit,” who was
still conquering territory into old age and whose descendants inherited
the land. Don was pastor of Belmont Church in Nashville, Tenn., for more
than 25 years where, during the height of the Jesus movement, his own
personal encounter with the Holy Spirit enabled him to be a leader for
many who were turning to Jesus during that time, including Jewish young people and some of the
early contemporary Christian music artists.

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