Prophetic Word: The Lord Says, ‘My Remnant Will Arise in Greater Authority’

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The Lord recently gave me a word about this being a time of “divine reset.” The Lord is using this time of shaking across the earth to bring a divine reset to the church and the nations and to set the stage for His glory to be seen in the earth in a greater way than ever before.

Not only will there be a spiritual reset, but a natural one, and a divine turnaround. What the enemy meant for evil, the Lord is turning for good. It is the hour of greater alignment, positioning, preparation and purification for the greatest time of unveiling and revealing to come.

Even today, the Lord continues to speak to me about the divine reset. As I was praying recently, He said, The divine reset will usher in a new day. This time will usher in a new ‘normal’ for the church, which is really a return to fundamental and foundational truths. The new day will see the rise of God’s faithful remnant wielding greater authority, and they will advance the kingdom of God as never before.

A New Day and a New Way

I heard the Lord say, “The world will awaken to a new day and a new way following the reset. Things will not be as they were, for I am bringing My church back to the foundations of all I have called them to be, removing what is not of Me and restoring what has been lost.

“The world is awakening to a new day and a new way. My people are returning to My heart and My ways. They are earnestly seeking Me, and times of deep encounter with Me are before them. This is the time of great positioning and alignment in the earth, both for individuals and for nations. The reset will awaken My church and bring them into the new day I have prepared.”

The Lord is bringing His church back to His original plan and purpose. He is calling His people into alignment with His Word, heart and ways. Through this time of shaking, there is an invitation to recalibrate our priorities and ways and align ourselves with Him and His ways. The Lord is calling us to a place of consecration and surrender, and from that place of encounter, we will be positioned for the new day that is dawning.

New Marching Orders

Following the divine reset, we will see the Lord release greater spiritual authority to those who faithfully stewarded their assignments in the last season. It will be a time where much territory is taken for the kingdom of God.

In a vision, I saw the army of God all over the world being positioned and prepared for the launch that was coming following this time of divine reset. I knew they would soon receive the call from the King to advance. I was shown all ranks of the army taking their positions and arising, and there was great anticipation for what was ahead. I heard trumpets sounding from heaven, calling those in the army of God to take their stations and get ready.

I saw worship warriors arising. These were ones who would release a new sound from heaven. Their worship was breaking ground and opening the way. They would be a part of the front line as the army of God advanced. They worshipped God in spirit and in truth and had such a purity of heart. I saw they were given heavenly songs and declarations that had the anointing to shift spiritual atmospheres. In the time of reset, God’s people are returning to true worship and encountering the Lord in powerful ways, and from this place, worship warriors will arise.

I saw warriors arising, wielding the sword of the Spirit with greater authority and precision. The army of God was arising, knowing the power of the Word of God, and they were using it to take territory. This time of reset has drawn people back to the power of the Word of God as well as the power of prayer and intercession. I also saw intercessors standing shoulder to shoulder around regions. This time of reset has caused people to answer the call to stand in intercession for their families, regions and nations as never before. The power of united prayer will be showcased in this hour.

I heard the Lord say, My remnant will arise in greater authority following the divine reset. The world stage has been set for the rise of My faithful remnant who will bring glory to My name. The doorway of greater partnership stands before My people, but they must have eyes to see the door and obediently take the invitation and step.”

I saw the faithful remnant arising to Zechariah 4:6, for they were arising in the power of the Spirit. The Lord was releasing a new level of authority to them and commissioning them into greater Kingdom assignments that they would step into, following this time of reset. The Lord is opening the spiritual eyes of His people in this time of shaking and reset so they will have a Kingdom mindset and see the invitation of partnership that lies before them.

In this time of shaking and sifting, there will be a clear division between those who will take up the call of greater partnership with God and those who are content to walk in less than the fullness the Lord desires. The ones who take up the call are the faithful remnant who will arise in greater authority and rapid advancement. It is through this company that God’s glory will be seen in unprecedented ways. They are the ones arising to prepare the way.

“Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the LORD of hosts” (Zech. 4:6b).

In this time of reset, I saw the army of God receiving orders (or strategic plans) for the season ahead as they spent time seeking the Lord. The Lord is using this “reset” to invite His people to really seek Him. Those who take the invitation will be well-positioned for the time of launch and advancement. They will know how the Lord wants them to partner with Him in the coming days and they will be ready for the launch.

I saw the army of the Lord arising from the ashes in power and strength, radiating the aroma of Christ. From the time of reset, they were arising in a new way into the new day God had prepared. They were arising in humility and surrender but also in great power as they were filled afresh with the Spirit of God and radiating His love. They were prepared and ready for what was about to take place; their faith had been strengthened through this time. They were standing united and ready for the call from the King, ready to go on His leading. Their eyes were fixed on King Jesus, and all distractions had been stripped away.

The Unfolding of God’s Greater Destiny Plans

The Lord then spoke to me and said, A great opportunity stands before My people to be positioned and ready, for the time of unveiling and unfolding My greater plans is near. I have not changed My mind. The words I released through My prophets for 2020 and this era were accurate and will come to pass. I am calling My people to not only believe those words, but stand for them in faith to see them come to pass.

“Many will be surprised at the way My plans are established. Surely I turn all things for good. This is the era of divine intervention, justice and destiny. I am calling My people to align their words with Mine.”

There is a caution from the Lord to ensure we align our words with His and speak life, for our words carry authority. The Lord is inviting us to make declarations and decrees on the leading of the Spirit and see God’s purposes come to pass. We are not to be moved by what we see but to have heavenly perspective, standing in faith for all the Lord has spoken. We are to remember the words He has spoken concerning this era and know He is faithful to bring them to pass.

This is the era of divine intervention, where we will see the Lord intervene in our lives individually and in the nations. We will see breakthrough and course corrections come.

In a word the Lord gave me at the beginning of the year, He said a divine turnaround is coming and what the enemy meant for harm, He would turn for good. I believe the Lord is using this time of shaking to bring a divine reset and position His people for the greater plans He will unfold following this time.

In the word He gave me at the start of 2020, He said:

“My people will see this year and the years to come as a time of divine intervention, for they will see My hand at work to bring breakthrough, course corrections and advancement … A divine turnaround is coming and what the enemy meant for harm, I will turn for good.

“Romans 8:28 will be highlighted like never before, and even the secular world will be forced to acknowledge the miraculous way in which I intervene in the lives of My people and in regions where My people have stood in prayer and intercession. The media will report of miracles and supernatural events that bring transformation to individuals and regions … It is an era of divine turnaround for it is an era where My justice will be clearly seen. As My justice is poured out, injustices are overturned, chains are broken, breakthrough is seen and recompense flows.”

“We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose” (Rom. 8:28).

The Lord is inviting us to remember the words He has spoken and to stand in faith, not fear. He is inviting us to see this time of divine reset as a time of great opportunity for the church to rise up. The Lord is working in unexpected ways. He has said this is the era of the fulfillment of prophetic promises and divine destiny, where His people step into the destiny they were born to fulfill. It is the time where He is aligning and bringing course corrections to nations to see them align with their divine destinies. The new day that is coming following this time of divine reset will be a new day of destiny for God’s people.

A Reflection of Isaiah 61

As I was praying about the new day and new way that would come following this time of divine reset, the Lord led me to Isaiah 61 and was showing me that it is a reflection of what the new will look like as the people of God rise up into all they are called to be. It is also a reflection of the shift the Lord will bring following this time of divine reset.

The Lord’s army will arise as never before in the power of the Spirit to proclaim the Good News and set the captives free. The glory of God will be seen in the earth in greater ways through His faithful remnant who arise. The Lord is going to bring beauty from ashes and turn mourning into joy. In the time of reset, the Lord is bringing His people back to their foundations and calling them to greater alignment with His heart and ways.

Following this time, His army will be ready to advance. The justice of God will be seen in a greater way, and the recompense of God will flow to His people who have been found faithful. The Lord will turn the tables on the enemy’s plans, and a divine turnaround will be seen. As the new day ushers in God’s greater plans in the earth, there will also be a release of provision and resources to His people in order for these plans to unfold.

May we embrace this time of divine reset and awaken to the new the Lord is leading us to walk in. May we be positioned and prepared for the new day that will dawn. {eoa}

Katie Barker is the co-founder of Bring the Fire Ministries along with her husband, Aaron. They live on the Tweed Coast of Australia with their four children. Bring the Fire Ministries is about bringing revival fire to the nations. It is about ministering to others through the power of the Word of God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Katie’s desire is to see believers understand their kingdom authority and position, use the spiritual gifts they have been given and impact their areas of influence for the kingdom of God. She also has a heart for revival and to see the body of Christ united and awakened.

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