Prophetic Word: The Lord Says, ‘I Have Called You to War’

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Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

Dear Legends,

Today’s generation of Millennials and Gen Zs believe knowledge is power. We are a generation who wants to know your story, and we value what you have to offer! We’re here because the message you sacrificed and paid every price for wasn’t in vain and was birthed for such a time as this—for this generation.

We don’t know what a Walkman is, and we certainly don’t know what dial-up is … Like, is that when you call up your best friend, or what? However, we do know who Jesus is, and we crave to have an intimate relationship with Him. We want to see His will done on this earth, and the world coming together in unity under His banner of love.

So, when I came to write you this thank-you letter, the Lord wanted me to tell you that your message isn’t too old. It’s right in season, and we’re ready to receive it. You just need to use an iPhone and high-speed data to reach us!

For the Lord says:

I haven’t called you to the wilderness, My church. I’ve called you to war. I’ve called you to bring change and stand as the light in the darkness, but the candlestick you hold is no longer strong enough to combat the darkness. So, I’m giving you a new way to present your light. I’m giving My church a spotlight that can illuminate anything the enemy is trying to cover up or destroy in the dark.

I’ve given the leaders of My church a message that must go out, but just as the enemy has upgraded how he does warfare, so must you do the same in My church. For the people aren’t hearing you because your voice is being covered over by the doctrines of old and hindered by the platforms of the past.

So I’m calling you to reach a new generation that isn’t hindered by their age, culture or even borders. This new generation aren’t afraid to stand in their convictions, and they aren’t afraid to start a movement. It’s this new generation of fivefold leaders I’m calling you to reach that will take the flame you hold and spread it like a wildfire.

However, this requires coming down from the pulpit, getting into the trenches and reaching them where they are. I’m calling you to impart that fire and anointing I’ve given My church into them. They don’t have the same restrictions or filters you do and because of this they’ll be able to release that fire in a way you never could.

A fire is coming, and My church will play a big part in it, but it’s the next generation that will carry on the flame, says the Lord.

We’re waiting for you, legends of our faith. We’re waiting for your impartation of fire and revelation of wisdom to send us out into the world so that we can see God’s will done on this earth!

We see you, and we want you to know that we’re here, ready to hear what you have to say and take it to the next level. So teach us. Instruct us so that we may carry on your legacy to our next generations. {eoa}

Deborah-Anne Velthuysen is a Next Gen Prophet with a message for her generation. Continuing the legacy of her parents, Apostles Craig and Colette Toach, she stands in the blessing of being a fourth-generation minister. She and her husband, Michael, are principals of the AMI Prophetic School. Their mandate is to raise the next generation of prophets to be team builders, warriors and ambassadors of Jesus Christ.

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