Prophetic Word: The Enemy’s Interruption Cannot Stop the Coming Eruption

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Last week, I was the guest on a broadcast with a prophet from South Africa. I was on camera waiting to be introduced when the Lord spoke to me about what we have been recently been facing in 2020.

I heard the Holy Spirit say, “There has been an interruption from the enemy, but now there will be an eruption of My promises. It cannot be stopped.”

As I waited to be introduced, I quickly looked up the definition for the word “interruption” on dictionary.com. It means “to cause disorder or turmoil in; to destroy, usually temporarily, the normal continuance or unity of; to interrupt; to break apart:”

The enemy has come to interrupt God’s plan and to hinder the prophetic words that were declared through His prophets for 2020. This onslaught of attack has been sent 1) to cloud your 2020 vision, 2) to cause disorder and 3) to break apart and cause turmoil in every direction. Nevertheless, God’s word will come to pass. Be encouraged, beloved, every promise that God has made concerning this year is not void and will come to pass!

The Lord reminded me of a vision that I had in 2018 and said, “It is time for the manifestation.” I saw the eruption that God is bringing in this season. In my vision, He showed me a volcano. A volcano can lay dormant for generations, and then seemingly out of nowhere, it erupts and changes everything. Some of you reading this have prophetic words and promises from God that have lay dormant. When you look in the natural, it does not seem like anything is taking place, and there is absolutely no change. However, in the supernatural realm, there is a stirring and a bubbling up that is occurring behind the scenes.

God says you are going to experience a sudden eruption of promises breaking out in many areas of your life. He is breaking barriers that have left you in restricted places. Barricades are being demolished even now. The spirit of delay is broken. We have entered a season of sudden and active manifestation.

Don’t allow the “disruption” to make you lose your grip on the Word that God has promised you.

“Let us firmly hold the profession of our faith without wavering, for He who promised is faithful” (Heb. 10:23).

“Consider it nothing but joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you fall into various trials. (James 1:2, AMP).

In the verse above, the word translated “joy” means “calm delight.” Stay calm when you are surrounded by trials, knowing that He is faithful that promised you the victory.

Jesus said to His disciples, “Let us go cross to the other side” (Mark 4:35b, MEV). However, they soon faced a disruption. “And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full” (Mark 4:37, KJV). The word translated “beat” is from the Greek word epiballo and is defined as “to throw upon”. It depicts the picture of waves continually pounding a boat with the intent of breaking it apart. This was not a little rain shower.

Some of you reading this have been continually hit by life’s circumstances and it feels as if they are breaking you apart. The disruption of the enemy has left many wondering if God has forgotten His Word to them. The Lord would say unto you, “You are going to pass over to the other side. You will come out on the other end of this trial. I have not forgotten you. Hold on to my promises. Cling to My Word.”

After Jesus told the disciples to cross over to the other side, they were attacked in the midst of the sea by a great storm, which winds caused the waves to pound violently against their boat. In panic, they awakened Jesus, who was sleeping in the stern of the boat, crying, Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?” (Mark 4:38, MEV). Jesus rose and began rebuking the winds and the waves and spoke peace to their situation, just as He is speaking peace to your situation. Then He asked them two questions: “Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?” (Mark 4:40).

Whenever we deal with winds and waves, the temptation to give into the spirit of fear is always present. During the trying times, we must fight against this spirit and rise up in faith. “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God” (Rom. 10:17). When Jesus asked them the question, “How is that you have no faith?” He, in essence, was saying, “Where is your word? I told you that we were going to pass over to the other side.”

I prophesy to you today that we are going to get to the other side of this pandemic. God has given us promises, and they are for this time. Hold fast to His word: “The interruption of the enemy cannot stop the eruption of God’s promises.”

Take note, that Chapter 5 began with “And they came over unto the other side” (Mark 5:1a, KJV).This is going to be your testimony, “And I came over to the other side. The pandemic of 2020 was an interruption, but it did not stop the eruption of God’s promises in my life. I came over to the other side.” {eoa}

Andrew Towe is an emerging prophetic voice to this generation. Andrew preaches the Word of God with fire, inviting God’s manifested presence to fall, with signs and wonders occurring in his services. Andrew and his wife, Brooke, are the lead pastors of Ramp Church Chattanooga, and they reside in Chattanooga, Tennessee, along with their two children. Andrew travels extensively, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Wherever he ministers, lives are changed, faith is strengthened and expectation is ignited.

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