Prophetic Word: ‘I Will Clean Out the Deep State’

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We are in the middle of a reformation. Make no mistake, this is as critical a moment in the history of America as the Revolutionary War.

We are in the midst of a spiritual awakening in our country initiated by a changing of the guard.

In the Old Testament when a new king rose up, it was an opportunity for reformation. And so it was for America when Donald Trump was elected president. At that time, I said to the Lord, “If this man gets in office, it will be a miracle. And I will take it as an indicator that the age of apostasy in our land is over and we are in a new era for America.”

That is exactly what transpired. It is no different than in the days of David when he defeated Goliath in ancient Israel. Goliath (the Deep State) is once again being defeated and we need to remember that once a “Goliath” is taken out, it is time for the troops to storm the adversary.

Last year, I had the opportunity to stand in the Rotunda Room of the Capitol Building with a group of pastors. We were given the privilege to pray for several of our senators and representatives as they were headed to the Floor to vote on pending legislation. As members of the ekklesia, we reached out our hands to pray for our government leaders.

As we did, the Lord spoke to me, “This is my form of government when the church joins with government.” It was a moment orchestrated by the Lord. As we prayed together, we appropriated the atoning blood of Jesus over all three branches of government from the Mayflower Compact and coast to coast. That is what He has called us to do in this hour.

But there was more. He also said to me, “I will not only reform the government, but I will clean out the Deep State.”

We need to understand the power of the blood of Jesus. For when the blood is properly appropriated, it will do more than redeem our soul. It can bring revival and reform our government.

Some may read that and say, “That is an issue of the state, not for the church.” Well, Jesus is Lord of both the church and the state. We need to remember the government rests on His shoulders.

The transformation that is underway in our government seemed impossible just four years ago. But we are now in a day in which it is no longer unseemly to speak the Word of God in the chambers of government. For years it had been pushed out in the pursuit of multicultural, pluralistic acceptance of an anti-biblical agenda. But there is no denying that the principles of the Bible are in the very foundation of our Constitution.

We were floundering as a nation. We had become so accustomed to the “giants” living in our land that we had simply adjusted and learned to tolerate them and live with them. That all shifted when Donald Trump stepped into the presidency.

Prior to that we had lost ground. We had lost many of our civil and religious liberties as activist, liberal judges rode roughshod over the will of the people. America did not want Roe v. Wade, or Obergefell v. Hodges. Those were agendas pushed upon our nation.

It was no accident that the former president left 140 judge seats open. They were so certain that Hillary was going to win that they left 140 judicial seats vacant for her to fill. However, over the last three years under President Trump, he has appointed 191 conservative judges to fill vacancies. It has changed the entire landscape and future of our nation.

As “City Elders,” we are bringing leaders into the gates of our counties by:

  1. Vetting – We are working together with OPAC to vet candidates running for office through a City Elders questionnaire.
  2. Vote – How can we say we are praying for change and for revival and then sit at home during an election? It is our duty and moral obligation to not only pray, but to act and vote.
  3. Voice – We are helping to mobilize people to stand up and speak out. We encourage qualified members of the ekklesia to rise up and run for office. There are people sitting in our congregations right now, some who are retired or close to retirement age and are more qualified than those currently running for office.

If a candidate doesn’t believe in God, how can they think justly or with mercy? We can no longer stand for our political offices to be used as a stepping stone to personal power or political advantage. We must become a voice in this hour.

If the New Hampshire Caucus is a reflection of the upcoming election, then we have a momentum that we need to press into with prayer and action. In that caucus, Trump received double the number of votes of any former incumbent president. We are poised to take the land. This could be the greatest landslide victory in the history of the United States if we do our part. That is our role as City Elders and the ekklesia in this hour. {eoa}

For additional information or to become a part of City Elders, visit cityelders.com.

Jesse Leon Rodgers is the founder and president of City Elders, a reformation model of city and state governance that trains up and empowers Christian elders how to govern the gates of the city spiritually, politically and economically. He is the chairman of the Oklahoma Watchmen on the Wall Network, the pastor’s network of the Family Research Council, Washington, D.C.

Karen Hardin is a freelance writer and literary agent. For more information, go to: karenhardin.com or prioritypr.org.

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