Prophetic Vision: Wrecking Balls Will Shatter Division Among Nations

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This prophetic dream was given to me by a very close Messianic friend of mine recently, and I wanted to share it:

The Lord woke me out of a sound sleep at 3:02 a.m. He then said, “Pray.”

At 3:35 a.m., the Lord again came to me with a vision. I saw a wrecking ball (the kind used by cranes on demolition sites). The ball was black in color. After he showed me this one wrecking ball; He then showed me four more wrecking balls. All were of the same black color.

Each of the wrecking balls appeared to be individually attached to what appeared to me to be a strong woven steel wire. All four wrecking balls were in tandem, one behind the other. There was a small space of perhaps 50 feet between each of the four wrecking balls.

All four wrecking balls were suspended and still. The Lord then said to me that “the single wrecking ball and the four wrecking balls were designed to shatter.” He seemed to emphasize the word “shatter.”

I then waited a few minutes when the Lord again spoke to me. He said that the wrecking balls were to shatter the cause of division which were designed to create adversity. I waited until the Lord again spoke to me.

I didn’t see a vision, nor did I hear a specific word, and the impression seemed almost indiscernible. But I heard from the Lord was that He was referring to the United States and other countries.

Just behind and under the first wrecking ball were a series of old buildings. The buildings looked partially demolished. The buildings were old, approximately 10 stories tall and looked as if they were from the 1930s. Just in front of the buildings and on the ground, something seemed to be scurrying about, but I could not perceive what it was.

At 6:07 a.m., the Lord spoke once again to me. He seemed to imply that the first wrecking ball will bring damage to what is frustrating and attempting to control the U.S. government.

The Lord said that “after the damage caused by the first wrecking ball, there will be a short period of rest and plans to restore, but this period of rest will not last long.” He said, “I am going to send a succession of four wrecking balls that will complete the job to shatter. There will be no hope nor opportunity to rebuild.”

The Lord then said that “Europe will gasp at the destruction by the wrecking balls.” He also said that the incursion of foreigners trying to enter the United States will eventually come under great restraint. Again, He said: “I have all things under control.” A few minutes passed. The Lord again spoke and said, “I will be dealing directly with the southern border, but not yet.”

A few more minutes passed when the Lord showed me a vision of a large, pewter-colored garden watering can. This represented refreshing for the intercessors in their spiritual battles.

He then said to me that “the intercession of the intercessors has helped to bring to bear the vision of the wrecking balls.” Finally, He said, “there will be a domino effect from the action of the wrecking balls.” I then heard a word in the Spirit, “reverberate.”

In searching God’s Holy Word, I came to trust that the following seemed appropriate: “Vengeance is Mine, and recompense, their foot will slip in due time; for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things to come hasten up on them” (Deut. 32:35).

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