Prophetic Seer: God Showed Me Something Is Blocking Believers’ Prayers in Austin

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Austin, Texas

The author of the new book The Unseen Realm: Behind the Enemy Lines traveled from Perth, Australia, to Austin, Texas with an urgent message to declare at the 2019 Seers Conference last weekend: “God said, ‘Speak to My people. I am about to do a brand-new thing in the United States. And it will start in the capital of Texas and then go out to the rest of the country and the world.'”

Reg Morais, a prophetic author, speaker and ministry leader in Australia, felt led by the Holy Spirit to travel halfway around the world to Austin to teach “spiritual warfare 5.0” to Christians who are using “spiritual warfare 1.0 tactics” in a highly strategic city.

Morais said the Holy Spirit gave him a vision for Austin, which is often cited as the city where the pro-abortion movement started that led to Roe v. Wade in 1973 to make abortion legal in America.

Morais said that many people told him that if revival were to break out in America, it would start in Dallas (often called the “buckle of the Bible belt”) or Houston (home of Lakewood Church, the largest church in America, under the leadership of Joel Osteen), but Morais said believers should be praying for Austin.

“Austin is where the power is,” said Morais, a Singapore-born, half-Indian/half Portuguese man who has no connection to Austin. “Demonic activity is at work in the capital of Texas at this moment. Witches and warlocks are busy at work. Territorial forces are here in the capital city. The stronghold needs to be broken. Austin is ready for a major revival to come through.”

Austin is known as being a liberal city in one of the most conservative states in America. Because of the intense spiritual activity in Austin, Christians have felt intimidated at times or that it is a lost cause, abdicated to anti-Christian, anti-biblical forces.

“God showed me that something is blocking believers’ prayers for Austin,” said Morais, speaking to a group of Spirit-filled believers at the Seers Conference at the North Austin Marriott on March 22. “But there is hope for the city of Austin.”

When he landed in Austin, Morais said that God told him, “This place is a blessed place” and that God would bring something new to the United States through Austin—something groundbreaking, something long-lasting. A call for more prophetic leaders to focus on Austin has gone out. Support and verification for this prophetic word for Austin are the next step.

“God wants to raise up generals [in the body of Christ], not just soldiers,” added Morais, who was led to the Lord at the age of 13 by the pastor of the world’s largest church, David Yonggi Cho of South Korea.

Morais boldly declared that it is time to “replace politicians with godly people” and make central Texas a shining example for all of the United States and the world.

Prophetically, he described a group of people who will be raised up in Austin to ignite a new Jesus movement with emboldened, Spirit-filled “troublemakers” who shake up godless agendas rampant in the world today.

This is key to shutting down the growing witchcraft in the capital of Texas, according to Morais, who sees the relevance of charismatic Christianity as high as ever.

Morais challenged the people at the Seers Conference: “You have to walk into it. God says, ‘If you do 50 percent, I’ll partner with you and give you the other 50 percent.’ You need a contractual agreement with the Holy Spirit. It’s a pact. When you have the Holy Spirit who gives you boldness in your life, you have nothing to worry about.”

Morais offered up five keys to unlocking revival in Austin:

  • Passionate, desperate desire to get closer to the living God, our heavenly Father, through prayer and intercession.
  • Do something with all the prophesies about Austin from credible prophetic voices in America—not just sit on the prophesies or make an excuse to hand them off to a future generation.
  • Embrace the process that the Holy Spirit engineers in Texas, no matter how grinding for refinement purposes, rather than leading with pain avoidance.
  • Make sure the intent of your heart is always clean.
  • Take authority in the Spirit, know your identity in Christ and declare the shutting down of witchcraft in Austin.

“Americans are world-changers,” said this Australian prophetic voice, who shared how much he appreciated the influence that the U.S. has had around the world in the name of Christ. “All God needs is one person to make a move.”

At the conference, he was not favoring one political party over another, but in the midst of free-flowing prophetic declarations, he uttered, “If Americans don’t rise up once again, Russia will take over the world.”

Morais said that the rest of the world is waiting for the body of Christ in America to rise up again, marked by a new breed of Spirit-filled people to see things in the realm of God and take the lead to do things that have never been done.

God is about to remove the scales from many people’s eyes, according to Morais, citing Elijah in the Bible, and release a new “seer anointing” to more followers of Christ.

“There is a real drive to see God change Austin,” said Morais, who leads Living Faith Community, a network that has, on any given Sunday, 100,000 people gather under its prophetic umbrella. Following a vision that he said God gave him, he leads daily healing services in Perth where signs and wonders reportedly manifest on a regular basis. He has been in ministry for 30 years.

He indicated that what he has learned about God’s move in Perth over the years lines up with what God is doing in Austin. The Lord has been preparing him with this prophetic word for Austin for many years.

He wasn’t even sure if anyone in Austin would care, but “God told me, ‘I will open the door,’ so I waited in obedience.” An opportunity to bring him to Texas arose through Throne of Grace Christian Church, a local, charismatic church in Austin pastored by Ramon Perez.

Morais added, “I am only one man who was called to travel from Australia to Texas to prophesy at the 2019 Seers Conference here that God will do some powerful demonstrations in Austin.” Christians all over America should pay attention and pray for new life in the capital of Texas. The future of America, according to this prophetic voice, will be tied to it.

Listen to the podcasts to hear interviews with Reg Morais.

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