Prophetic Dream: There Is a War Over Our Destiny

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Some years ago, I had a profound dream that I know was from the Lord. It was very surreal and prophetic.

The Lord has been impressing upon me to share it, as it will help many who are in transition. The dream had five distinct segments, each revealing transitions in the journey of fulfilling our destiny as we are led by the Holy Spirit.

A Dream of Transition

The first part of the dream was black and white. I was on a mountain, crouching against bare boulders. I didn’t realize how high up I was until airplanes began flying next to me. They were solid, gray and looked like fighter planes. They kept coming closer, one after another, until they were nearly brushing me. The noise and wind from the planes was intense.

I realized I was holding a baby, and it seemed the planes were trying to attack us. I was aware, in the dream, that it was a situation where I could become fearful, but I was not afraid; I knew I was protected. I began looking for the way of escape.

I turned and faced what seemed to be a wall of boulders. As I looked closely, I saw a weather-beaten door. It was almost like an optical illusion of a small shed blending into the boulders. The wood was as gray and textured as the rocks; a person not looking for or expecting a way of escape would have missed it. I opened the door and saw a dark stairway descending to a basement. The walls were earthen, and the steps were worn and unpainted. I descended the stairs and found another door.

I opened the door to a brightly illuminated room of pure white. The left side of the room was furnished with a sink and a toilet. On the right there was what seemed to be a window in the floor — a rectangular frame of white wood encompassing the most beautiful shade of azure blue water I had ever seen. It was very surreal; I felt a strong urge to jump in and swim into another realm.

My senses were very alert; I was strongly protective of the baby. I looked closer and saw that what had seemed like water was actually a thick, gel-like substance that could be a toxic chemical. I discerned it was an illusion meant to intrigue and lead people into danger.

I then turned and saw an open wall into space with paving stones that seemed to be floating. I had no fear and walked forward. Immediately I was in a house with many rooms. The colors were subdued earth tones; the lighting was dim and shadowy. Each room was filled with people that I knew from ministries I had been involved with in recent years. They were all engaged in quiet conversation and minimal activity. They were people I could relate to and had ministered with, but none of these relationships were intimate or deep. I felt a need to change my clothes, but every room was full. I sensed I did not belong there and knew it was time to move on.

Immediately I was in another location, and I was no longer carrying the baby. I was outdoors on a sidewalk. It was dusk but the colors were vibrant, and there was a palpable excitement in the air. There were a lot of people engaging with each other in an animated fashion. I was as well, although I did not know any of them. As I was talking, I realized I was standing next to a bicycle and knew it was mine. I wondered why it was there and how I would get it home, as there would have to be a vehicle large enough to carry it. I thought about riding it home but knew it was too far and not what was supposed to happen. I was certain that all would be made clear when necessary.

I woke up and immediately heard, “You have to leave the bicycle behind.”

Interpretation (Part 1): The War Over Destiny — Let Faith Arise!

I nearly always dream in color. Whenever I dream in black and white, it represents very clear opposites; in this case, faith versus fear. The baby represents what we have birthed or what we are carrying to be birthed for the kingdom — our destinies! There are seeds of destiny that God has placed in you, brought to life by His Spirit … things ordained before the world was formed. It is time for them to come forth!

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them” (Eph. 2:10, KJV).

There will be enemy attacks. Guard what you are carrying at all costs! It is a necessary part of the kingdom of God in the earth! There is a war over our destinies, and we will encounter many obstacles along the way. Warfare trains us as we trust that God is with us in every situation. Don’t feel condemned if you fail the faith test; God will give you another opportunity. He wants you to fulfill your destiny.

Know that you are protected (Ps. 91) and no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper (Isa. 54:17)! Let faith arise! I heard Holy Spirit say, “Trust Me in the war, and you will see the door. Know that I am always near; do not be tempted to react in fear. In faith, the way of escape becomes clear.”

“No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it” (1 Cor. 10:13, NKJV).

Interpretation (Part 2): Descending Into Darkness for Deliverance and Healing

Growing up, every place I lived in had a dirt basement. They were dark, fearful places with spiders, rats and snakes. For many (myself included), basements represent places where deep wounding occurred — physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual attacks. I sense by the Holy Spirit that the basement represents places of darkness in us, known or hidden strongholds keeping us captive. These can be hidden fears, dark secrets or trauma; places where the Lord desires to bring His light to deliver and heal us so we can fulfill our destinies.

I heard, “You can descend into darkness when you know I am with you. Trust Me, I am leading you to deliver you and heal you. It will seem you are descending as I show you the darkness in your soul; let My healing cleanse you, and I will make you whole.”

“And the LORD, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed” (Deut. 31:8, KJV). {eoa}

For the rest of this prophetic word, please visit elijahlist.com.

Alane Haynes was radically saved in 1981 when the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to her. She immediately received salvation, deliverance and a supernatural healing of her body and mind. An apostolic and prophetic teacher and speaker, Alane has authored four books. The first, Moses — Shocked in the Desert, was birthed from a prophetic dream and many nights of Holy Spirit waking her to “Write what I tell you.” Her podcast, Stirring of the Waters, is on the Charisma Podcast Network. Alane and her husband, Kerry, are co-founders of Eternal Truth Now Ministry and are broadcasters on Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network (hsbn.tv). They are passionate about the power of God’s Word and desire to see people fulfill their God-given destinies and bring His kingdom to the earth. When they are not ministering, Alane and Kerry enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren and being outdoors, enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.

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